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Desc:Rep Alan Grayson breaks it down.
Category:News & Politics
Tags:taxes, Alan Grayson, tax cuts, grey poupon
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Comment count is 25
mmm this just reminded me to make a salami sandwich with grey poupon.
THANK YOU REPUBLICAN PARTY for the Doomsday Lasers THE HIGH AND MIGHTY can build every two years for the next ten years.
THANK YOU REPUBLICAN PARTY for the Orphans THE HIGH AND MIGHTY can turn loose into the woods and hunt every TWO MONTHS for the next ten years.
THANK YOU REPUBLICAN PARTY for the Torture Dungeons THE HIGH AND MIGHTY can build beneath their castles to torture middle class single moms every FOUR YEARS for the next ten years.
bakune young
Rep. Booger Shithead
Busby Berkeley
,347 less per year to blow on wars.
You don't cut taxes to pay for wars. You spend however much the war needs and take the difference out of public services and social programs

Also wrong. The wars go on the PRC credit card, which is advantageous for them even if they never get paid off (due to future hyperinflation). We're playing Chess, they're playing Go.

Sanest Man Alive
Well, that's five minutes longer than I could've gone on without telling them all to cram it up their asses. I also cracked up at the lighting cigars part, so goodshow, sir.
Taliban Dan better live up to his name and do equally entertaining speeches for the next 2 years.
Congressman Weiner has angry sarcasm down but there's nothing I appreciate more than spiteful sarcasm. He should just make jerking off motions whenever a Republican is speaking; I know I would. You will be missed, Congressman Grayson.
just because someone is vaguely on my side of the issues doesn't make them not a buffoon. fuck Grayson. BTW, he is my congressman here in orlando and I didn't vote for him.
He might be a buffoon but some people only respond to this sort of presentation. Also, turning supply side economics on its head while keeping the focus on average Americans is a smart idea.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Fight buffoonery with buffoonery I say. Republicans and corporate democrats deserve no less. Sorry to see him go.

Alan "Republicans want you to die" Grayson has nothing in his playbook other than his silly, false propaganda. His was my favorite karmic result of the last election. In the words of Paul Leka, Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye.
Mike Tyson?!
So what exactly is the Republican plan for affordable healthcare, Enjoy?


Pledge to America, quite an interesting way of doing nothing!

Republicans don't want you to die, no one is saying that. It's just that if you have to die for them to get what they want, that's totally fine with them.

Republicans want you to die. If that's not true in your state, build a wall around it now.

It's a very simple, basic fact that a intelligence, education and conservative tendencies are almost mutually exclusive, opposing traits, and the only democratic power conservative political movements have relies solely on manipulating the least educated and most ignorant sectors of society to believe that they are fighting for freedom by giving conservatives power.

It has long been established that the better educated you are and the more innate intelligence a person is gifted with the far far greater chance that you or they will embrace the common sense that is moving left.

It is mind blowing that most Americans don't even understand that their 'left wing liberals' are the rest of the world's mid-to-far-right conservatives, and outside totalitarian regimes, Iran and the USA, the left wing is composed of basic humanism and common sense.

Maybe that's why America is falling apart; the people are stupid enough to blame Obama for the massive economic tragedy the Republicans laid waste upon the country and then walked away laughing at their common citizens.

And fuck people who need everything in an MTV-sized sound bite else their attention wander.

Goofy Gorilla
I would support a new WPA. We could use some more infrastructure.
high-speed rail, ocean dams and mid-air helicopter tunnels

Robin Kestrel
I love me some Grey Poupon.

And yes, some people need it explained to them in concrete terms like this before they start to comprehend how few people control how much wealth.
I love how Grey Poupon remains the mustard iconic of the ultra elite when you can get it in Walmart in a squeeze bottle for pretty much the same price as any other mustard.

Aren't you supposed to drop the mike after something like that?
Persephone S. Tight

Fuck you, Florida.
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