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Desc:this is perhaps the best way to undertake doing something your way
Category:Horror, Science & Technology
Tags:TheChriddofArchives, horrorshow, z-keying
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Comment count is 20
The Townleybomb - 2010-12-04
There really needs to be a TV channel of nothing but stuff like this. AND IT NEEDS TO BE THE ONLY CHANNEL THAT IS LEGAL.
Adramelech - 2010-12-04
Long live the new flesh.

BiggerJ - 2010-12-05
By the same person, this is that channel's ident: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11HpJETCCmw

Riskbreaker - 2010-12-04
fluffy - 2010-12-04
Well, I'm not getting any sleep tonight.
Influence Device TIMR - 2010-12-04
I love unspeakable nightmare reality

five stars
Influence Device TIMR - 2010-12-04
oh god there are hundreds of these

kennydra - 2010-12-04
oh my god that channel is the retarded lovechild of cyriak and shaye st john.

*watches forever*
RomancingTrain - 2010-12-04
To everyone planning to upload everything else from the channel: please use the same tags, please. I don't want to have to favorite every single one of these.
jangbones - 2010-12-05

Billy the Poet - 2010-12-04
Art is over. Turn off the lights.
Innocent Bystander - 2010-12-04
aww they're in love
TeenerTot - 2010-12-04
I could swear this is a dupe. But I'm not sure what sort of search words to try.
OhYouMeanNancy - 2010-12-04
Soundtrack = tears of joy.
Xiphias - 2010-12-04
that's so fucking hot
Jet Bin Fever - 2010-12-04
I'm not sure what that was, but it touched me.
JimL2 - 2010-12-05
Laverne and Shirley opening

dead_cat - 2010-12-05
Lauritz Melchior - 2010-12-07
It is rare for a brief animated clip to fill me with ineffable horror.
hackworth - 2010-12-14
this made my christmas season.
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