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Desc:God save the Queen
Category:Science & Technology, Arts
Tags:vinyl, steam, record player, anachronistic technology, stop saying steampunk guys
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Comment count is 18
What's the use of having a steam powered engine if you're going to use an Arduino microcontroller to control the speed?

Classical mechanics fail.
Gears are too expensive.

Steam Punk?

The price has probably been driven up by steampunks buying gears to glue onto their coats and necklaces.

It's not steampunk if they're using a microcontroller.

The technology infrastructure needed to construct a microcontroller makes steam power horribly obsolete.

Oscar Wildcat
No mechanical amplifier either. He would have had better luck using an old victrola and fitting the steam engine to it.

I see steam; I hear punk. It's steampunk.

It wouldn't be SO galling to me if it wasn't for the fact that the 'classical' method of regulating the speed of an engine is the Centrifugal governor.


I mean come on. Stars for being better than 99% of all steampunk projects.

Screw this piece of crap record player, I am five starring the Centrifugal Governor. I would vote for this device.

Oscar Wildcat
15 stars for something concrete to point to when people ask, "What is steampunk?"
I didn't even see your post. Here dear sir.

It's really cool until it runs out of steam. I guess you could try to run everything on steam but the world would just be loud as fuck.
....that steam wouldn't be good for the vinyl.
5 stars for records being great.

5 stars for Steampunks being not great.
astropod five
Someone built this machine for the sake of a pun.
I'm only giving this five stars because it is the first 'steampunk' thing I have ever seen that actually uses steam to power something.

It's still retarded, just slightly more respectable than someone gluing a bunch of spray-painted pipes and gauges onto something like a sad, adult version of a macaroni picture.
Five stars just for "sad, adult version of a macaroni picture" and the steampunk discussion this video has sparked.

http://steampunkoverlord.deviantart.com/art/Steampunk-Overlord -8-155626368?q=&qo=

http://steampunkoverlord.deviantart.com/art/steampunk-golddd-d -186423247

Tom Collins
I see an old drawer, a ruined turntable, a hobby steam engine, a soon to be ruined record and some very modern electronics.
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