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Desc:Best fight scene ever
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Arts
Tags:Rambo, deadly prey, Bitch!, armed and dangerous
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Comment count is 19
fedex - 2010-12-20
minus one star because blood didnt erupt from the scalping all over his yelling face at the end
MongoMcMichael - 2010-12-20

duck&cover - 2010-12-20
Tis but a scratch.
Comeuppance - 2010-12-20
yeahjim - 2010-12-25
They really need to get started on that spin-off.

Hooker - 2010-12-20

This is from Deadly Prey. Tag it!
Samisyosam - 2010-12-20

Riskbreaker - 2010-12-20
Deadly Prey is a cinematic masterpiece.
Supahfly - 2010-12-20
The way she falls back looks almost like stop motion.
Dirtchamber - 2010-12-20
It's getting to be that a man can't shoot his own bitch without some hippy bastard getting all riled up about it.
themilkshark - 2010-12-20
The "hero" looks like Ben Stiller in bad Ultimate Warrior makeup.
mouser - 2010-12-20
21 foot rule wins.
Adham Nu'man - 2010-12-20

Bort - 2010-12-20
The animation on "Robot Chicken" is getting better and better.
La Loco - 2010-12-20
I'm calling the dupe police.
Caminante Nocturno - 2010-12-20
Somehow, everyone in this video is overreacting to the whole situation.
Charles - 2010-12-20
All for the last 5 seconds. I must have hit back about 50 times.
Rodents of Unusual Size - 2011-01-19
yes oh yes
Banal Intercourse - 2011-07-21
"Then the hero is going to dodge 3 bullets, cut off your arm with a machette, and beat you over the head with your own arm until you die. Then you will be scalped."

"Okay. Um... this whole thing will be done tastefully, right?"

"Of course."
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