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Desc:A little burst in every bite
Tags:hormel, hot dogs, chili, frank-n-stuff
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Comment count is 17

"stuff" representing the quality of the meat in the chili.
A restaurant in Winnipeg got shut down because the guy was putting Alpo in his chili instead of hamburger.

And nobody noticed.

I didn't hear the guy saying it was chili, due to a sudden loud noise in my house at the exact moment he said it, so when mister franknstuff broke open the hot dog i was utterly shocked and literally recoiled in horror.
Caminante Nocturno
All of my stars are for the way the guy at 0:13 takes off his glasses.

Nobody takes their glasses off like that anymore.

The Townleybomb
The ones that had like cheez wiz inside were the BOMB.
My dad HATED those, because when you'd cut a piece off with a fork, it would spurt suggestively.

Why is Dracula acting as Dr. Frankenstein's assistant?
Innocent Bystander
Why would Peter Lorre in Casablanca be working for Frankenstein?

Trivia: That's Louis Negin, who has done that sort of character more than once. At 7:59 here he actually plays "Peter Lorre in Casablanca" directly:


Jet Bin Fever
They can't even make that look edible in the COMMERCIAL.
Robin Kestrel
Potted meat product food with variety meats. Mmm-mmmm!
Sudan no1
Great preload. "Wanna bite of my Frank-n-Stuff?"
If that kid's anything like Butters, like he looks like he might be, then that kid is in pretty big hamburgers pretty soon.

La Loco
I always wanted this when I was a kid but my mom had the good sense to not buy it.
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