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Desc:Monetizing that nostalgia for something that wasn't very good to begin with
Category:Business, Cartoons & Animation
Tags:Anime, nostalgia, remake, ThunderCats, cynical cash-in exploiting fond fuzzy memories
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Comment count is 36
Macho Nacho
So, Avatar the Last Airbender with cats?

Cat's that aren't blue.

Wrong Avatar.

Caminante Nocturno
Catatar, the Last Furbender.

I can haz unobtainium?

Oh man, this 80s cartoon series designed to sell toys has totally sold out!
Corpus Delectable
Needs a line of Thundercat-themed adult toys for furries.
I never understood Snarf. Is he a pet? is he just a less evolved form of thundercat?

Also Lion-o looks like he's 14, and where's Mumm-ra!
Just going by the trailer... looks like a prequel.

Agent #1
If you remember the pilot which I'M SURE EVERYONE DOES you would know that Lion-O started the series as a child, and it was only because his suspension capsule malfunctioned and did not stop his aging but instead only slowed it, that he was left with the mind of a child in the body of an adult.

Duder, the only thing I remember from the pilot is that the cheetah chick didn't wear a shirt in it.

She didn't have rockin tits last time either. Five for sexualizing everything.

Rape Van Winkle
Mumm-ra at 0:16, fucko.

augias... it was a different time. People just liked smaller tits on cats back then.

Caminante Nocturno
So when are we going to see the remake of Rainbow Brite where she's a beam-firing, Nanoha-esque magical girl?

I'd like to see that.
I thought they were going to be in a rock band, with Snarf as their manager.
Jet Bin Fever
We're Panthro and the Thundercaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatss!

This looks so much better than the original.
The book was better.

Rape Van Winkle
Thundercats should be read on the original cuneiform tablets.

pressed peanut sweepings
Thundercats sucked and it will suck once more.
Yes, this, exactly.

Nice animation, lets see how the plot goes.
I have no special respect or love for the original Thundercats, but ANOTHER fucking anime-esque "edgy" revamp? Christ....
Shoebox Joe
"Snarf"? More like "Barf"!

I don't think there is a good future. The trailer looks great, but if they're doing what I think they're doing, they're going to waste this show on pointless fucking exposition of the homeworld plus whatever drama they can get out of it.

Seriously, I was just watching an episode of Avatar and the ex-antogonist now comrade got disheaveled because he was told "if we're a team then we must hug each other."

I seriously fucking hate it when shows try to act as if plot canon = enviroment.

I will be watching this, it looks almost as cool as Swat Kats.
Rape Van Winkle
I hope it's not on opposite Samurai Pizza Cats.

What, no Panthro? Thundercats are keepin' the brothers down.
Shoebox Joe
That's because the animation isn't being outsourced. Or maybe it is.

I no longer regret laughing at Ching Chong Wing Wong!

Shoebox Joe
Aw shit, that's the Chinese. My bad you guys.

But still, fuck you Japan and your foot print on American culture.

Zhou Fang
WHAT no BoboBerbils!?!?!

I remember the pitch for this from a couple of years back. It involved them living in LA and playing in a rock band. I really wish they went through with that.

Stop crying:

http://img2.allvoices.com/thumbs/event/900/570/71476568-new-th undercats.jpg

Jet Bin Fever
They should've killed off Snarf when they had the chance. I'm guessing they don't have those stupid robots anymore though, that's a plus.

Dirty Sanchez
Hopefully Tigra will actually do something in this series.
"If it's not like Yu-Gi-Oh!, kids won't watch it!"
Modern animation has perfected panning dullness.
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