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Desc:How Pat left Wheel of Fortune
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:wheel of fortune, pat sajak, Vanna White
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Comment count is 11
Well, that was about 30 years coming.
Judging by the car and vanna's hair this looks like it was the early 90s.


if only the Samurai Pizza Cats were here mine would be too

"Sajak began writing for the National Review Online in 2010. In his first post, he questioned whether public employees should be allowed to vote on issues that would benefit them directly."

Pat Sajak can eat some shit.
MacGyver Style Bomb
Remember his failed talk show? You know who he had as a guest host? Rush Limbaugh.

wow Vanna did not look like she wanted that
Spit Spingola
I know. Needs to be in the "crime" category.

My favorite Sajak moment was watching him lose his shit on TV.

Time ran out and it was time to spin the wheel. He landed on Bankrupt with the loud slide whistle sound added.

"Uh, I don't need the sound effects." He growled. To somebody who had never seen Pat's mood swings this was a surprise.

Pat spun again. Landed on Bankrupt. Slide whistle sound. The look on his face for the next several seconds was of pure malice.

That day I am sure a man lost his job but gained the victory of showing the world what kind of a man Pat really was.

I'd sell my soul to see that one youtubed.
Jet Bin Fever
yikes. The devil has an easy "get" there.

I love to imagine the moments in the elevator where he has to stand next to Alex Trebek for even a fraction of a second.
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