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Desc:Skip ahead to 2:30
Category:Science & Technology
Tags:bass, phone book, imagine what that would do to someones head
Submitted:Daddy Warcrimes
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Comment count is 12
Millard - 2011-04-11
Any Time. I Think I Seen Every One Of Your Vids. I Consider You Like The Car Audio King And Look Up Yo You Fersure. Im 17 And Been Into Audio My Whole Life And Car Audio For Almost 4 Years.im Going To Be 18 In May And It Would Mean The Would To Me If You Mailed Me Anything With Your Autograph On It. Butt Ya Looking Forward To Seeing The New 360 In There Soon. O Ya And Hope To Get Some Vids On Here Soon.
charmlessman - 2011-04-11
Why is it that NO ONE who owns a massive stereo system like this EVER listens to music that doesn't suck like a million black holes?
StanleyPain - 2011-04-11
There really is no music other than shitty rap that this sound system would be appropriate for, except maybe drum and bass or something. The system is designed solely for bass effect and pretty much sucks otherwise, like most "fancy" car audio systems these days...it's pretty much just a stupid lifestyle choice thing rather than being about appreciating the sound or quality of the music. That's why you never see one of these playing anything other than shit.

Menudo con queso - 2011-04-11
Because all the time and energy it would have taken to cultivate a sense of taste went into financing and assembling silly pieces of loud plastic.

Billy the Poet - 2011-04-11
It takes a miniscule man with an even more miniscule cock to need this much noise to get people to pay attention to him.

Jet Bin Fever - 2011-04-11
This guy probably has to wear a diaper.
The Mothership - 2011-04-11
This man lives in a shotgun apartment with paper thin walls. His neighbors hate him.
balistic - 2011-04-11
Ported subs pretty much universally sound like shit. Way sloppy. They're only used by people who want to wake the neighborhood.

A long-throw sub in a sealed box, on the other hand, can produce some incredibly detailed infrasound, with a nice linear response curve.

There aren't many genres of music that don't benefit from a powerful, accurate sub. Jazz with upright bass sounded amazing on my old system.

But yeah, two 18's in a whooshy bandpass box ... that isn't meant for music.

Mr. Purple Cat Esq. - 2011-04-11
amazing! this is the most pointless thing ever! but, meh thats just human socio/cultural behaviour for you! Interesting from an anthrological viewpoint. Though his system is probably very annoying to anyone nearby. He should have gotten maori-like face tattoos instead!

I like the way when introducing the gear her refers to something like "something something 2.2s, but of course im upgrading to 2.3s when they come out next month" like that will make a big difference!
twinkieafternoon - 2011-04-12
I expect South Park to make an episode about these guys very shortly.
standard8mm - 2011-04-12
I feel like a trip to outrageous audio is of importance.
numb - 2011-04-15
I would be happy if car audio systems like this were made illegal.
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