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Desc:Too white for 73q
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Horror
Tags:white people, chris brown, diminished lung capacity
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Comment count is 12
Not sure how to feel about this. Is she covering it for irony? Like "HA YOU WOULDN'T EXPECT THIS GANGSTA SHIT FROM A WHITE GIRL" type shit? Because I didn't think Chris Brown got that big but I could be wrong. Still better than briz00tal deathcore bands covering radio pop songs to be like "lol randumb" but I'll give it 4 just for her little show she put on.
White yes. She has flow though.
Kind of.

i really wanted to dislike this but she did a pretty impressive job with busta rhymes' part

Refreshing. I always associate this hairstyle with pink sleeve tattoos.
This is so embarrassing.
kind of unbearable
actually this grew on me.

are you kidding me? she fucking killed it dead. this could have been some bullshit bo burnham lonely island "we cant help being nerds" bullshit but she just killed it dead
Ehh, she's got technique but her tone is grating and she doesn't bring anything new to the song. She'd kill it at a karaoke club.

I'm gonna join the impressed column.

Eroticus E
-1 star for "jiggas."
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