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Desc:We're certainly no one's Emerald City.
Category:Advertisements, Business
Tags:detroit, low self-esteem, chrysler, white flight? everybody flight
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Comment count is 17
Rape Van Winkle
Eminem regularly visits empty theatres to watch choir practice. Sometimes they practice just for him.
This commercial is a figment of his imagination and he is pointing and one lining at a camera that isn't there. The choir is just trying to deal with a very awkward situation.

Rape Van Winkle
It's only awkward because he's the only one who's ever given them any attention.

Should have been ICP
i wanna say eminem is looking old but i dont think that's the right word.
I believe what you are looking for is "showing his roots"

Helena Handbasket
Wow, just when Chrysler couldn't lower its image any further.
Don't be pointing at me Eminem!
He tried to keep a straight face, but the involuntary blinking gave it all away.
pressed peanut sweepings
Haha the population of Detroit is now lower than the population of Columbus. Fucking reclaimed wilderness.
You're certainly are someones brown-stain city.
I wouldn't normally chalk something up to karma, but of all the cities, Detroit deserved it the most.
Dude looked like he was going to cry.
Robin Kestrel
They told him he'd be driving a 300C, then they stuck him in a Sebring. You'd be crying, too.

It's okay, now that Emperor Rick Snyder is in control and has the power to fire elected officials and reorganize the state like he's running a Wal-Mart franchise, everything will be okay. Once he builds RoboCop.

Eminem drives a Chrysler.
That Detroit Techno commercial with the Juan Atkins track Ford aired back when they introduced the Focus is the proper way to do a Detroit car commercial.

Sadly, it doesn't seem to exist on YouTube.
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