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Desc:You are a robot that can turn into a tank and a jet. Basically Thexder: The Action-RPG
Category:Video Games, Arts
Tags:DOS, DOStalgia, robots that are not for sex, Wibarm
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Comment count is 5
The guys who made this went on to make Thunder Force!

Wibarm was great, though. A similar excellent title was Psychic War.
MacGyver Style Bomb
Thunder Force came five years earlier.

Katsunori Yoshimura's bio from Mobygames:

"Born in 1965. Worked at TecnoSoft since its first year. Left the company in 1985 and went to Arsys. After leaving Arsys in 1993, Yoshimura started a one-man company, Cyberhead, working as an OEM contractor for other companies. In 2001, Cyberhead was dismantled, and Katsunori underwent surgery to be turned into a woman. She is no called Kotori Yoshimura and runs a new development company."

S/he worked on the OG Thunder Force while at Technosoft, so it's a timeline issue. Also, Wibarm was originally released in 1986 for the PC-88, so really only 3 years after Thunder Force.
She is currently undergoing surgery to become a jet fighter.

Kinda like Daniel Bunten.

Something about programming for Dos must lead people to question their sexuality.

teenage mutant lisa turtle
My life may have turned out differently if I got my hands on this. For better or worse I can not say.
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