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Desc:Hitler, armed with the lance of longinus, teams up with Nyarlathotep. No, really.
Category:Video Games
Tags:Hitler, persona, jRPG
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Comment count is 18
Man. You'd think Hitler and Nyarlathotep would be a winning combination.
Unfortunately, Lovecraft probably would have made the Nazis good guys.

You've discovered Negro eggs! Gain 10HP!

How do we know Hitler getting taken out with one shot wasn't part of Nyarlathotep's plan?

I'm just saying he's a tricky bastard, is all.

I think Hitler IS Nyarlathotep in the end!

If Lovecraft had made the Nazis the good guys, he still would have made them lose. So, not all bad?
Stars for not knowing whether Hitler turning out to be Nyarlathotep makes all of this better or worse.

Born in the RSR
Man the emulation sites!
If only it was that easy for the Allies.
Quit the shit eating grin on ole Hitler.
Well, he IS German...

Anime Hitler
Not just Hitler, but IIRC reincarnated ghost Hitler at that.
Zhou Fang
Then his soul goes into a starfish.
i love this game so much.
Innocent Sin had a great plot, but holy shit fuck the fusion attack system and persona level up system. People who bitch about clunky parts of Persona 3 have no goddamned idea.
Revelations had a great premise, but holy shit fuck the goddamn mazes. People who bitch about Persona 2 have no goddamn idea.

Jet Bin Fever
Well, that was easier than I thought it would be...
Caminante Nocturno
... And that's how Japan won World War II.
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