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Desc:Come for Moon Safari. Stay for Velvet Underground and Nico.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Arts
Tags:frederator, album, adventure time, Marceline
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These stars are for Dr. Octagon.
That one and Pig Destroyer caught me by surprise. The Charles Bronson one was pretty cool and the Big Black one was pretty clever.

Jet Bin Fever
So many great ones. I mean, Broadcast, Devo, Sonic Youth... too many to mention. I'm guessing they picked King Crimson to play because it was the right length. I guess it was that or another prog song like Firth of Fifth or Siberian Khatru.
or they could have chosen like a normal length song and gotten rid of all the pictures that were done with MS Paint in like 5 minutes

Both points were what made me scared this wouldn't make it out of the hopper: the song is...not Lake's best work, and some of the albums look like a 12 year old did them under a self-imposed time limit.

I hoped the cool ones (the Miles Davis one, Kid A with the Boom Boom mountain mountains, Yoshimi, Pinata Vampire Weekend, VU&Nico) offset the lazy ones.

it's cool, there's enough sweet shit in here to balance out the crap. I just wish they had gone with quality over quantity.

Spit Spingola
This wouldn't have been nearly as fun without King Crimson.

I don't get most of these. Guess I just don't listen to enough hipster music.
hey what do you think will happen when john cena dies? do you think his death with be co-opted by ironic future-geeks like the macho man's or do you think anyone will even care at all?

ASS: Frankly I wouldn't want ironic future-geeks co-opting shit. Of course the Chain Gang, Cenation, and the Assault Battalion would care and be distraught.
But how dare you attempt to get my goat with such blatant trollery.

you're right, I apologize. can I ask you a hypothetical question though? say the u.s. military was going to be blown up and the only way to save it was to dress up like the kid on the cracker jack box and let john cena fuck your ass on national tv? would you do it

No Abbey Road or Sgt. Pepper, Awesome!
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
perfect storm of awesomeness!!!
Big Muddy
If this selection represents everything now considered iconic I'm rather perplexed. Well the good ones did stand out like T-Rex and Transformer but Moby and Franz Ferdinand...eh.
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