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Desc:Why PoETV needs a 'Douchebag' Category.
Category:Religious, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:douchebag, misogyny, fundie, voting
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Comment count is 18
Grandpa Suspenders had a rough breakup back in the 50's and he's never really gotten over it.

Youtube comment gold: "James, your wife starts crying when you get home because she is married to you."
Stars for a Youtube comment. This is a first.

Monkey Napoleon
This guy's speech patterns remind me so much of spikebravo.
Monkey Napoleon
Condescending mucus-y cockroach hissing spit from between twisted yellow buck-stumps.

Caminante Nocturno
His attempts at humor are so petty and spiteful.

It's hilarious.
Born in the RSR
I hope this man isn't married.
Macho Nacho
He is married. He even made a couple of crotch spawns with her.


Sudan no1
surprise! She's just as ugly as he is, only she wears a Moomoo

I second the "Douchebag" category.
True Forced Christian
You know there's plenty of good theocracies to move to if you really had the courage of your convictions, you gutless turd.
Sudan no1
There's places like Pakistan for Muslim misogynists, but I wonder where the best place for a sexist christian to go? Nigeria?

Don Martin....NO!!!!
Almost forgot.
This is a really nice illustration of how any random psychopath can go mail in for one of those cracker jack reverendhoods and then dress up their mental baggage as holiness.
Now here's a line of faith I can get behind.
Tell any rational person, male or female, that you don't think women should be allowed to vote because they are so emotional and (hopefully) you will be shitting your teeth out in the morning.
Since this video's gone and I missed it the first tie around, I'm going to go with the thumbnail image and assume that it's Eric Wareheim.
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