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Desc:Your unrelenting sexual pounding has turned my ass in to a fountain of blood
Category:Humor, Horror
Tags:ass, blood, norm macdonald, fountain, unrelenting
Submitted:Richard Hart
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Comment count is 9
Hooker - 2011-07-20
This whole album is a wonderful collection of Norm MacDonald delivering jokes with very thin premises in the most laboured way possible. My favourite is a ten minute piece where the joke is that a country singer is gay.
Hooker - 2011-07-20
Also, the bottom here would probably eat the moon if it were made of ribs.

Bort - 2011-07-20
Oh come on, "Stan Hooper's First Day at the Daily Planet" justifies the whole album. (Most tracks of which, I will admit, were stretched too thin.)

Yellow Lantern - 2011-07-20
"Tex Hooper" is one of my favorite comedy skits of all time. As you say, it is nothing more than a ten-minute-long gay joke, but the way in which it's drawn out is amazing.

"Gonna get...slack-jawed...cum-drunk...Texas on a Saturday night"

"Did he just say 'cum-drunk'?"

"No, I think he said 'become drunk.'"

"Gonna drink enough-a jism now to make a root beer float..."

"No, no, you were right."

Caminante Nocturno - 2011-07-20
They spent the rest of the night filling the tub with ice and trying to figure out a name for what they had done.
oswaldtheluckyrabbit - 2011-07-20
Louddetective - 2011-07-21
ahahahhaah man. Yes.
themilkshark - 2011-07-21
DAMN. Norm MacDonald is proving to be creepier and seedier than we have ever known.
Kumquatxop - 2011-07-27
I would listen to an audiobook of this man reading pretty much anything
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