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Desc:Crappy Days
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:Beavis and Butthead, weezer, Buddy Holly, Happy Days
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ylandra kitanachair
Comment count is 10
Oh dang. I was hoping that the Spinx was submitting B&B videos again. :(

Also, is that guy who hated Sphinx's Beavis and Butthead music videos still around? That guy was a fucking riot.

-1 star because the two of them didn't capture how much Weezer sucked at the playing music.
Oh we can do make that happen.

I actually thought about it, because I found a bunch of clips that weren't submitted here already. But I didn't want to start another generation war.

I like the show, but I personally thought that spamming the front page with 90% B&B videos was bad form and just an abuse of front-page-submit. It was going a little overboard.

Most videos drop off the front page in a day or two from what I can tell so it doesn't bother me. I felt the generational war that erupted just added to the shenanigans.

MTV2: Where the music's at!
This is a pretty cool show.
Robin Kestrel
Fonzie doesn't even know karate.
Jet Bin Fever
This is so 90s. Ahh youth.
It's been taken down? Quick, somebody get the file off the Windows 95 CD and upload it again.
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