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Desc:It starts out like you think it would but there's this addition that I don't want to spoil.
Category:Video Games, Arts
Tags:final fight, mike haggar, Capcom, ballad, Mad Gear
Submitted:Hugo Gorilla
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Comment count is 21
That wasn't how I thought it would be at all.
I'd like to think that, 2000 years from now, internet historians will stumble upon this video and it'll be viewed as the earlier millennial Beowulf. Linguists will publish it in leather-bound volumes alongside 40th century English translations. Academics will ponder the origins of this folk hero "Haggar"- was he a real man? Mayor of New York City during the tumultuous Early Internet Period, perhaps? And NeoHollywood will release a series of holo-CGI Haggar movies, all of which will be met with scorn and derision from traditional critics who see them as cheapening the gravitas of such a pivotal figure in the Anglo-Saxon tradition.

I'd vote for him again.
Please tell me this is only the first in a 20 part series. Please.

Just brilliant.
Ok guys, i think the "are vgs art?" debate is over.
Action! Drama!
Caminante Nocturno
Truly, a work of art.
The Mothership
Ah, Final Fight.

How many coins didst I insert
And pleasant hours with joystick spend
To save the daughter, kidnapped, pert
And lonely adolescence tend?

From three heros you must now pick.
The red ninja with a backfist as quick?
The street fighter, that can punch through a wall of brick?
The joystick will move twice to the right and you will fight.
Raining suplexes and piledrivers in a mustachioed barrage.
You will pick Mike.

Oh my car.

Well done, gmol.

If Kenneth Branagh was reading this my head would explode.

It is brilliant.
standing ovation.
Who the fuck is Wagner?
Holy shit
Jesus fuck. It's... beautiful
Banal Intercourse
I want to hear the epic 30 second battle with the car.
There are few things as pure as this. That men such as he were our leaders.
five stars and a favorite for the ending alone
What... what are these tears doing on my face?
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