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Desc:Mentions it in two seperate speeches.
Category:News & Politics, Classic TV Clips
Tags:Aliens, Cold War, ronald reagan, crazy grandpa with access to nuclear weapons
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Void 71

The truth is out there, fellas.
Macho Nacho
The first clip has been used for almost every UFO documentary in existence.
And yes, he did in fact sit down with Gorbachev in 1985 and 1987 and asked him if alien invaders threatened the earth, could the US and the USSR put aside their differences to fight them. And Gorbachev, who was kind of taken aback said uhh... sure, I suppose so...

Two years later the Berlin wall falls,

Watchmen came out in '86, didn't it?

I can't help but think Alan Moore was referencing this shit when he wrote it, even precognitively depending on when Reagan said this.

Go, go Alzheimer's!

Conspiracy is a natural human behavior, and diplomacy its grandest manifestation. It is easily understood that cooperation between two parties often evolves from shared distrust of a third.
I feel I should mention Carol Rosin:

Holy cow, I should have looked at these before I commented. I am going to dig up the full version and watch this.

Is this why they launched a nuke at the moon a couple years ago?

Was picking fights by proxy with Russia simply not working for them anymore?

I hear those moon people are pretty hard bastards, what with living on a rock that has no atmosphere and those unforgiving temperatures.
Reagan: best President, or MOST best President?
This is the man who told the Soviet Union we we had nuclear powered space lasers launchable from submarines, but that was okay because we'd share the technology with them.

Alien invasion was just the next logical step between that and waging war through time with America-2012.

No one would believe Obama even if the aliens (or Pastamericans) were ass probing Beohner on C-SPAN.

Wonko the Sane
Watchmen spoilers
Abstract Fainter
Is Obama prepared to fight imaginary space monster threats? Answer that fraidy-crats!
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