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Desc:Looks like someone had a crush!
Category:News & Politics
Tags:jungle fever, libya, Condoleezza Rice, gaddafi, wacky gaddafi
Submitted:Jet Bin Fever
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Gaddafi's google history:
Condoleezza rice
condoleezza rice naked
condoleezza rice boobs
condoleezza rice JUST SHOW ME HER NAKED
When Google can't do something, it's like being tied down and watching your dad get beat up.

Condoleeza rice naked with safe search off was amazingly productive in its h(t)its.

I'm so glad this revolution offers us some plush cushy soundbites of amusement as we stuff our faces with the lingering decadence of a dying empire.
Everyone else's revolution will be televised.

Void 71
At least this revolution had a decent script. It was more believable than any of the pro-Capitalist color revolutions of eastern Europe or that thing that happened in Iran a couple years ago. They're getting a lot better at making the destruction of a country look legitimate.

Rep. Wilson hospitalized with an extended bout of jungle fever, will share semi-private room with Brazilian businessman Molar Taffy (who is not from Libya at all).
Who can blame him? Condi's a total fox.
I'd hit it.

Gaddafi, you dawg.
She was the neocon Sith apprentice to Dick Cheney, he was a murderous dictator, it's hard to believe they never hooked up.
Plus they're both darkies!

Well, I WAS trying to keep to a political ideology and not say something like a racist piece of shit, but since you're here...

... kill yourself.

Wow, are we still talking about Cheney? Shows how boring the current state of affairs is. I say we vote in that gay Republican guy..should keep things interesting.

Awww, c'mon, meme. You know you love me. Kisses?

Seriously, though. The old Bush = Hitler routine? For real? Yes, pointing out that Condi and Gaddafi are both darkies is ridiculous; fr one thing, Gaddafi is fairly light skinned, and is ethnically closer to Mediterranean Caucasians than to people of Sub-Saharan African descent, like Condi. For another, it's a joke. Sarcasm, haha! But think about it, meme: is it any more ridiculous than trying to compare Cheney and Friends to a murderous socialist dictator?

The Neo-Cons are Deng Xiaoping in reverse. They subvert freemarket society by using their control over the state to award lucrative contracts to certain favored private companies- protecting airports, drilling oil, manufacturing bombs, rebuilding infrastructure in terrorist-harboring nations after leveling them with said bombs, etc. That's bad, sure. But it's a far cry Gaddafi's MO. I mean, you might as well insert an Obama = Gaddafi joke here; it'd work at least as poorly, AND it' be more topical.

Victoria Nuland, clearly feeling more than a twinge of jealousy.
I was thinking that Michelle Obama was thinking WTF?

The pages are mysteriously sticky
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
This is abnormal?
"just thought you should know"
Really truly was expecting this to turn out to be The Onion
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