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Desc:The NES's second best peripheral after the Powerglove.
Category:Video Games, Classic TV Clips
Tags:Nintendo, NES, u-force
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Comment count is 11
Born in the RSR
Punch U-Forces!
*makes wanking gesture*
music by Mark Mothersbaugh or a reasonable facsimile
Jet Bin Fever
Nothing comes between you and the game! Except you know, playability.
This thing, like the Powerglove, did absolutely nothing. I think I just cut the cord off my Powerglove and rode around on my bike with it. Made me feel pretty cool.
The power glove did a bit more than this, but my family wasn't boojie enough to own one of those (they cost almost as much as a whole NES).

The U-Force, on the other hand, was only new within a couple months of release, so I got one of those, and still have it.

It's horrible.

The ultimate in fist-shaking technology!
I miss Broderbund :(
Don Taye
"I'll just go ahead and set this on my living room pedestal."

How the fuck were you supposed to use this?
The U-Force: Stupid Piece of Shit Doesn't Fucking Work
It works, its just an ergonomic disaster that makes every game unplayable.

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