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Desc:A sing a long
Tags:Singing, goth, muffinstorm, dreads
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The Mothership
so.... she's a weaboo with a goth alter ego. or maybe ruaridoll has just lost it. either way, she has the same eye genetics as Hannah Minx, which is just creepy.
Leeza Gibbons informed me one unemployed afternoon that there are these contact lenses that make one's eyes larger, but that they are not FDA approved.

Jet Bin Fever
Quick, look away! The only way to destroy Magibon's ghost is to look away.
Billy the Poet
Ugh, kill it.
Nightmare fuel
Space Helicopter
The reason blowjobs were invented.
I thought we already did "low batteries week".

Adham Nu'man
Jesus CHrist shut the fuck up
I still would despite everything.
I would just because I'd be too curious not to. I'd have to find out if she makes that sound when she hits the headboard, for starters.

2:19 scared the shit out of me.
Are we sure this isn't the latest in Japanese sex-bot technology?
This video sent my dog into fits of rage.
I love EVERYTHING this girl has done. She's like Magibon put through a PoE-grinder.
The Great Mel Bay
Stars for making me wonder what she'd sound like if i popped it in her butt
Serious nightmare fuel!

minus one star for the "dreads" tag when she clearly does not have dreads...
1. I wonder why most of this shot in the bathroom. It's not the only place available for filming, since the very end isn't.

2. In the related videos there is a pink-haired girl defending Jessi Slaughter who somehow has TFL Bill's mannerisms.
Only place suitable for the mandragora scream

I think I heard this on shortwave radio the other day.
she'd be a perfect harley quinn
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