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Desc:It doesn't go great, but he meets some nice people
Category:Classic TV Clips, Business
Tags:Conan OBrien, nbc, delivery guy
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Comment count is 17
I think that woman did us a favour by not letting her face appear on camera.
Fun Theory: She must have some crazy affair with the actual delivery guy.

Oh and knowing UPS, two guys just got suspended or put back in the night sorting shifts.

I should never have left this town.
You are Cena_Mark!

ohh wait, I think I get it. It's Conan O'brien and he doesn't deliver Chinese food. He's a famous late night talk show host. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah....oh god damn that's funny as...hahahahahahahahahahahah....Holy smokes! Conan O'brien! Delivering Chinese food. Well, how do you like that? What'll they think of next?
Explaining the premise of jokes makes them not funny. I would explain the premise of your sarcasm, but it wasn't funny to begin with.

Jet Bin Fever
I thought it was pretty enjoyable, Mr. No-fun.

Quite the contrary. The premise of the joke is self-explanatory as well as obvious. On those merits alone, it then fails to develop any further. Not to mention that this is a tired shtick that should've been retired with Johnny Carson.

Hey, quit douching up the submission. You don't think it's funny? Great. Have your opinion, you're more than entitled to share it. I just fucking hate when I post a video on here because I want to see the PoeTV crowd's reaction to it (the ONLY reason I post videos here by the way), and the entire comments section is nothing but talk about a single douchebag's post.

GongWise is Jay Leno.

Extra couple of stars because that's the chinese place near my office, although I prefer the Chinese-made Mexican-food (Chex-Mex) place a few doors down).
You seem to think the shtick's lead up is the punch line. Conan delivers Chinese food on foot through NYC, which sets up spontaneous and unplanned misadventures.
I seem to think I can just reply without hitting reply.

I enjoyed it. These stars serve as a metric for the level of that enjoyment.
Innocent Bystander
That was a really friendly latin lady!
she was like a dream.

Wonko the Sane
I've taken out from that very restaurant! It's Completely generic!
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