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Desc:Whoa (NSFW or the squeamish)
Category:Educational, Science & Technology
Tags:surgery, hearts, SCIENCE!
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Comment count is 10
That was absolutely incredible, it's amazing the things we have developed as a species. I have to wonder what it takes to be a surgeon. To literally open up a person and work on their organs for hours at a time to save their life. I wonder if such focus and work is absolutely exhausting. How many of these surgeries do they do in a week, let alone a day?
Actually, what's even more amazing is how many heart issues are now done with minimal procedures that, only maybe 10 years ago, used to require in-patient surgery. My dad recently had to have a valve blockage removed and all they did was insert a cable through a vein in his arm, guide it into his heart, and then perform the procedure using a micro-camera. 15 years ago, maybe less, his problem probably would have required an full-on heart operation.

Shit like that not only impresses me but makes me more and more infuriated at fucktards who want us to live in the dark ages because THE BIBLE.

Yeah, I'm aware of those procedures. It's all incredible, I am just astounded by the manual skill of a surgeon with simple tools.

I hope your father is doing great.

Yeah, the dark ages matter enrages me. Or anyone that doesn't think we need to strive for better all the time.

Yes, because we all know that religion has a problem with open heart surgery.

I think he's referring to how some religious people tend to credit god with making their medical procedure successful, while at the same time throwing every obstacle in the way of the teaching and research that made the operation possible in the first place.

Also, sans the Dark Ages, we'd probably be colonizing and strip mining half the solar system by now.

Religious people are too stupid to have a problem with something as specific as open heart surgery. Their problem is with a vague notion of knowing things in general, which directly impacts medical advancement, but is still beyond their comprehension.

Billy the Poet
Got to get myself to the gym.
Had 5000 heart attacks watching this in the hopper. Hypochondria is a bitch.
Man, why you guys gotta diss me like this.

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