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Desc:trunk full of wood, deep mud hole. OH YEAH!
Category:Business, Nature & Places
Tags:oh yeah!, shitwagon, off roadin, picking up the fire wood, hammer down
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Comment count is 13
Comrade Admiral - 2010-01-25

thanks for the violent ear rape, you braying fucking manmule

HankFinch - 2010-01-25

Braying Fucking Manmule was my porn name until...well, I got fired. Oh well shit happens. Then you get fired for it.

knowless - 2010-01-25

i encourage you to hammerdown.

Desidiosus - 2010-01-25

Necks of the purest crimson

garcet71283 - 2010-01-25

PoeTV really needs more videos of rednecks having more fun than I am :(

dora's cough - 2010-01-26

gnar froadin bro

Severian - 2010-01-26

Whatever that means, I think I agree.

knowless - 2010-01-26

I believe that a rough translation would be: "that is not the correct way to "go off road" my brother."

memedumpster - 2010-01-26

My nerdy sense of social darwinism is offended by the rural sense of social darwinism, and were I capable of violent physical activity, I would rise up and destroy them, but instead I am fearful and vote liberal until the GOOGLEcost claims my enemies.

Fucking rednecks *wiff*

glasseye - 2010-01-26


Hooker - 2010-01-26

Wow, that was a... car going through a puddle?

HoboTech - 2010-01-26

I need to go read a book after seeing this.

The Mothership - 2013-03-28

if this isn't in Oregon or Washington ill eat my hat.

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