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Desc:you spend all day on the phone anyhow, why not call them?
Category:Advertisements, Humor
Tags:frustration, Everest College, lowest common denominator
Submitted:The Mothership
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Comment count is 18
I have the self respect to say I joined the school because someone I respected was already going there. Unfortunately, that did not circumvent the fact that it took one year after graduation for them to figure out how to send paperwork to a national certification and state liscensure committee.

-1 star for being every bit as ghetto as people say it is.
Rape Van Winkle
At least they taught you how to sound like a cunt.

A ghetto college? Lemme think of some degrees one could get from an Urban Oriented Academy for Inner City Entrepreneurs:

AA in Livin' Large
AS in Slangin' 'n Bangin'
AA in Tagging
AS in Auto Detailing
BS in Pimp Game Theory
BA in Liberal Arts
Master's Programs Available for:

Ridin' Dirty
Library Science
Sweet Tats for Your Neck

let me just step in here and remind everyone that POETV is NOT! RACIST!

Don't forget their advanced Honkie Studies and Nonrhythmic Outreach programs, bridging the gap between white people and everyday life.

oh meme, everything you say is like a bow that just pulls the present TOGETHER.

Syd Midnight
He is talking to lazy bums like me and the goal is to get a job that isn't manual labor or serving food. Or is this because he's black you racist fucks

I hate black people to DEATH, and even I think you idiots sound pretty racist here.

oddly enough they have a really shitty basketball team

It's refreshing to see the star of a commercial who has such open disdain for his audience.

Also if you watch with the sound off it looks like he's being interviewed by the cops on First 48.
The wisdom of men in dark parking lots.
Caminante Nocturno
Hey, I'M not the one making this complicated!

This is a part of the reason I just gave up on TV. These commercials are so deeply depressing for some reason.
wtf japan
Maybe because they remind you that you are watching daytime tv when you could be off your ass making the world a better place.

actually, this kind of commercial is very inspiring. it takes all the pretension out of the word "college." Quit being a bitch and go to college.
Agreed. Its an effective and clear commercial.

Besides that rant doesn't just apply in the ghetto. Plenty of high income kids waste their lives living off their parents until someone kicks them into the higher education system. Even in the top tier of education, there are people who needed a boot up the ass to get there.

La Loco
He be dropin' knowledge son.
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