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Desc:Skip to :30 if you're impatient.
Category:Stunts, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:crash, Corvette, autocross, Corvette Winter
Submitted:Crab Mentality
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Comment count is 16
Mike Tyson?!
How can you fuck up that bad at an autocross? I am amazed.
Corvette drivers are capable of unfathomable douchebaggery.

cool water sandwich
He thinks he can power through a hairpin and oversteers off the outside. If you were trying to crash, you couldn't do much better.

Think of the cones, man. Think of the cones.
Curb stomped.
I'd say he curbed his enthusiasm preeettyyyyy preeettyyyyy pretty good.

It was in HD! It had a "you okay" moment! A better car drove by!

*moves paw towards clutch*
Syd Midnight
The sound of a lone hubcap rattling off into the distance greatly enhances the quality of any car crash, even if it's a tiny plastic hubcap.
5 for the car bra.
Jet Bin Fever
For added comfort and support.

It actually disturbs me a little to think of how much joy I derive from these peoples' mishaps.
I am a bad person.

But at least I'm not a bad driver! Bitches!
They're all making fun of my car! "Meeeeh, Corvettes suuuuck, meeeeeeh!" I'll show them! They're going to be amazing at how I take this turn...
These corvette crashes confuse me. Is driving powerful cars that difficult? Or are these just terrible drivers? Honest question: I've never driven a really powerful car.
Well, it's a little bit from column A, and a little bit from column B.

I'd imagine moving up from a standard car you've been driving your entire adult life to a performance car is about as much a jump as it was moving up from go karts you'd been driving your entire childhood to real cars.

Crab Mentality
Front wheel drive is extremely common, and safe because it'll understeer, and make a lot of noise when you try to take a corner too fast, whereas rear wheel drive cars will oversteer, and try to kill you.

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