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Desc:how about AWESOME endings week?
Category:Video Games, Arts
Tags:NES, president, Bad Dudes, awesome endings, why the terrorists envy us
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Comment count is 22
This makes me wish I was american.
You're an American whenever you play this game, just ask the Japanese programmers.

Adham Nu'man
His dudeness is so great that he gets called a plural even when he's alone. It's a sign of respect.
And it took a bunch of Japs to make such an awesome american ending. We should nuke more countries.
So we should nuke America to improve it?

Yeah it'll be the greatest do over in history.

Works for me. Let's start with the Bible belt.

Just make sure you kill all of the survivalists with it or you will have to deal with them being right.

Burgers....with American Cheese and Freedom Fries
You risk your life beating up armies of villains and all you get is a hamburger? Here I thought "the cake is a lie" was bad.

Just like how I was supposed to get a parade when I got back from saving the President from ninjas. But instead all the did was give me a burger and a kick in the ass. I can still feel it searing.

Herr Matthias
Bad enough, it seems, to rescue the president.

The President's clone army looks on....
Mitt Romney?
ohgodohgodohgod! what was the name of that PS2 game where the President pilots a huge robot and fights the evil vice president?

it's one of the the greatest videos we have on here and I can't find it for the life of me!
Modern Angel

You're welcome

Innocent Bystander
wow. how did I miss that?

Jet Bin Fever
In the arcade version it was President "Ronnie", and it was Reagan at the end. This is a cheap imitation.
il fiore bel
Cool, you get a burger out of the whole deal.

And then you get to watch that son of a bitch munch on it while not letting you have any.
Sudan no1
what, no jelly beans?
ha! ha! ha! ha!

Oh you Prez...
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