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Desc:Chris Chan, start saving up for a trip to Australia.
Category:Business, Trailers
Tags:Australia, disability, rachel wotton, Scarlet Road, diability
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Comment count is 19
Needs a diability tag.
When Diablo 3 comes out I'll awaken the diability tag.

I believe it's supposed to read "sex worker for the DIABOLIQUE"

Hank Friendly
This is Mother Theresa-level stuff

just two questions:

1.)was that a tard pride parade?

2.) does she refer to herself professionally as "nut gobbler"?
I wouldn't say Mother Theresa, she's still getting paid.

Actually this woman should be sainted over Mother Theresa except thats this woman is a "whore" and that doesn't really fly with the Vatican.

There is always the possibility she has a fetish for this sort of thing.

This woman actually does something useful for humanity.

Jesus would approve.
Jet Bin Fever
My thought exactly, doing the lord's work!

Jet Bin, are you saying the Lord is a fucker?

"She whom Luke calls the sinful woman, whom John calls Mary, we believe to be the Mary from whom seven devils were ejected according to Mark. And what did these seven devils signify, if not all the vices? ... It is clear, brothers, that the woman previously used the unguent to perfume her flesh in forbidden acts."(homily XXXIII)

Mary, Mary why you 'hoing?

I don't know whether to be sad, disgusted, or happy.
I don't know either.

I do know this boner just wont quit.

Ahh, yes. This is what poeTV is all about.
The Mothership
we've been having some identity crises recently; this brings us home.

She's a damn saint.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
I dunno about that man, she won't do anal.

This is wonderful. I wish it was everywhere.
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