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Desc:Dan Cortese wows us with POPCORN and TABLE SERVICE!
Tags:Burger King, 90s, Dan Cortese
Submitted:Yellow Lantern
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Comment count is 19
That actually looks awesome, too bad it didn't last!
It was ahead of its time. Hardy's and Krystals will bring the food out to you.

They had this when I started working at Burger King in high school. As the non-manager, non-retarded, white guy, table service was my job for about 2 weeks, until they quietly stopped offering it. I never knew exactly why, I suspect the extra .25/hour for someone to work the dining room was not made up for in extra customers.

All I knew was that my slot on the shift sheet went from "TS/DR" to "BROILER," and I went from the embarrassing (dressed in BK uniform, and dealing with fat, annoying customers, where someone I know might see me) to the miserable (shoveling patties & buns into and out of a smoky broiler in the heat of a mid-Atlantic summer).

After a few months, they found out I could subtract .14 from .00 in my head, and put me on drive-through. A few months after that, I quit.

Non manager, non retarded, white guy was my position in the fast food industry as well. You spend a lot of time thinking "Why am I here. The main problem with that position is you get paid the same as the people without basic English and math skills.

just imagine how much you'd earn if RON PAUL had succeded with the BLIMP PUTSCH and then wham 0/h and the possibility to shoot niggers with a company issued gun wearing a wookie costume..

Next week, in the Story of Cena;

Nobody who wears makeup for a video--for any reason, Cena--can be called non-retarded. Sorry, bro. Also sorry to KISS and Slipknot and a lot of wrestlers.

early 90s had to have sucked for epileptics
What are you talking about? Those lucky bastards got to spend the majority of the decade unconscious.

I remember Dan Cortese. I never understood why he existed.
C. Eloi Marx
He recently appeared in the direct to dvd movie "Soccer Mom" alongside such luminaries as Master P and Victoria Jackson.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Wait, he's real? I thought he was just an urban legend, like the hook guy who slashes tires.

Everything in the 90's was advertised like this. EVERYTHING
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Dan Cortese.

Needs a "why they hate us" tag.
I have to wonder how the shrimp was. I am a shrimp whore, you see.
Caminante Nocturno
Fast food tasted better back then.

Back before Bush and Cheney soured the food we ate with their very presence.
I recall that we considered this REALLY COOL, at least around my type of folk. Deep fried shrimp in a basket = class.
wait, bk had shrimp?
dan cortese wasn't mexican?
Testicles of Doom
I remember this.

It was shortly before I got thrown out of a Burger Kind for slinging popcorn all over the dining area.

(I was a teenager, you see.)
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