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Desc:Go put it inside them!
Tags:, penis, dildo, blowjob, heavy set women
Submitted:Scrotum H. Vainglorious
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Comment count is 24
As someone who's actually "built like a sturgeon", with bony plates, and a projecting wedge-shaped toothless snout, I regret to inform the audience that it hasn't served me well in the mating game.
Cherry Pop Culture
WTF is this doing here? 'Cuz they're a little on the heavy side and making sexual jokes? This is not evil...for shame *wags finger*
Dude, you're jaded if you don't think this is weird.

Oscar Wildcat
bzzzt!!!! Wrong answer, Simon. Try again.

How about this one: fart pffffftttt

Cherry Pop Culture is summoned when large breasts and women's issues are present! This is thoroughly weird despite fatty descriptor in tag. I would probably sleep with the singing one if she wasn't terrifying and creepy and I was drunk, or if I was drunk.

I'd sleep with the singing one now.

Well, points for getting their dumb parody to at least scan with the original, it's good to see someone putting some effort in even if the words are obvious and a bit puerOH MY GOD THEY'VE GOT THE SAME FACE
I'm willing to cut them some slack for having a couple of decent rhymes in there. Especially since most of youtube defines a "song parody" as "the exact same song with the word 'fart' thrown in at random points."

The one on the right sort of terrifies me, though.

Is this Angel Rose?
bonerbonerbonerbonerboner yeah
Your boner will never make it through their huge ass.

Robin Kestrel
I don't know what this is a parody of, but I'm fiving it anyway.
If you really want to know.


Parody only works when the joke is obvious, gals.
But hey...WEB 2.0
The one on the left is pretty attractive but her armpits make me think shes got that weird tear drop shape where shes gets bigger on the way down
Exactly what I was thinking.

John Holmes Motherfucker
I think the one on the left is hot, and the fact that she's doing this is pretty hot, but watching her do it may have made me flaccid forever.
Three seconds.
just skip around. It won't get better but you'll laugh.

Those girls are both gross but this gets a five and favorite because i showed it to my brother and a few minutes later he was singing "you got a big penis guy?" quietly to himself as he sat next to the fire
homo for the holidays?

I have the strangest boner right now
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