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Desc:Please tell me this wasn't actually on television.
Category:Advertisements, None
Tags:Poser, Vodka, soda, lime, jingle
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Comment count is 17
James Woods
!!! Have these people market everything.
The Townleybomb
I need to make sure I haven't been already!

I think the guys who made this commercial were already drinking a lot of this.

Found him a galboy.....huh.
did he fly to Austin or Phnom Penh?

The audio is definitely a real radio ad. Also, fun fact: the guy who runs Tito's vodka is actually named Tito Beveridge.
Operation Cornflakes
What a horrible commercial for such a great vodka.
there is a word in your sentence that is wrong

Timothy A. Bear
This vodka almost killed me. Also, it is great.
j lzrd / swift idiot
More liqour ads like this.
Caminante Nocturno
Was it really worth the effort to make it look like he was walking through that airport?

Be honest.
Austin doesn't count as Texas
I'm guessing you've never been there. Or if you have, you went to 6th Street and like every jackass pretentious shithole went, OH THIS IS NOTHING LIKE TEXAS BLURF FART BALL-FONDLING SOUNDS KEEP AUSTIN WEIRD

I hate Texas as much as anybody who's ever lived there for more than twenty years can. But Austin isn't a magical liberal weirdville transposed into that desolate intellectual wasteland. In fact it's a lot dumber and more boring than other Texas cities (except Houston). But it's still just dumb ol' Texas.

I've lived in Texas 8 years now, right in the heart of DFW's mid-cities area. I truly hate this area sometimes. I work (in the Kitchen, thank God) in the exact kind of country club you see mocked in shows like Arrested Development. Austin would probably seem like a welcome change to me.

I always did wonder though if it's really as weird as the occasional bumper sticker I see suggests it is.

While we're on the topic, why IS the governor's office in the middle of the seemingly magical liberal weirdville?

Austin in the Capital of Texas, and its seat of government. The Governor governs.

Nyms Lives!
The Governor governs? You don't know your Texas constitution. It's written in such a way that the Lt. Governor governs and the Governor's only legal duties include wandering around the state making speeches about how the separation of church and state is a liberal myth. We haven't had a Governor that actually governed since Motorcycle Momma Ann.

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