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Squeamish - 2012-01-26




(Also because I'd have to find all those kitty videos again and that would be a pain in the ass.)

jimmicampkin - 2012-01-26

The internet needs PoeTV more than PoeTV needs the internet. It will live on in the hearts and minds of individuals who go onto YouTube and type 'Mad Russian Shit' or 'Funny Cats' into the search.

jimmicampkin - 2012-01-26

Also: if it closes tomorrow, or in a month, or in a year, I'm blaming the Brony menace that has recently invaded this place like typhus.

Aelric - 2012-01-26

Well, there is the Facebook group for some of us that didn't care about revealing our real identities. Those of us (and unfortunately it doesn't include me) could take the template of this site, albeit ditching the archives, and move the community over. news of such a thing could be translated through the Facebook group, and those not wanting the revealing nature of Facebook fucking up their anonymity could drop dummy emails to those that would be willing and able to create a new site to let them know the URL so they could transition over.

Of course, if it happens this way and if I beat him to it, I'm taking the cena_mark name.

Cena_mark - 2012-01-26

Facebook is an interesting concept. The web is getting less and less anonymous as time goes on. Then again like a masquerade anonymity is part of the fun.
And no you can't have my name.

The Mothership - 2012-01-26

I was unaware of this Facebook POETV thing. I would actually consider doing this, but cena makes an excellent point.

Cena_mark - 2012-01-26

I'd definitely join a Facebook group if this site shuts down.

jimmicampkin - 2012-01-26

"Then again like a masquerade anonymity is part of the fun."

Does this go some way to explain the face paint?

VoilaIntruder - 2012-01-26

Is it the facebook group with 126 members? I agree with the Wiki idea someone else posted, if we really do have to close up shop here, even though I have no idea how to design it I'd probably pony up some bitcoins or beenz or flooz or whatever for hosting costs. Since SA blew up in the early 00's and rendered anything approaching discussion nearly impossible, the poe network sites are the only online community I actually care about and I'd really miss you all and your lovely jokes about ear mites. Plus I wouldn't have all these weird videos to show friends and concerned loved ones.

bongoprophet - 2012-01-26

we know your name, Baleen.

Cena_mark - 2012-01-26

The facepaint was kinda like that. Worked with my love of wrestling too.
Where's this facebook group? I didn't find one that seemed to have activity.

baleen - 2012-01-26

HA! I'm kind of against facebook as they do weird things with screening both the activities of their users and the content itself. I've had artist friends get their own work censored because of a titty algorithm or some asshole reporting them as offensive.

I have been thinking about dropping some dough on a social networking template that integrates with facebook... Like SocialGo or Ning. I have never heard anything about these sites but the more I read about them, they seem like the logical progression from centralized social networks like FB and isolated blogs. Any thoughts on that?

And you could post offensive things and nobody would care.

I was a sysop of a BBS in Seattle when I was a kid and really enjoyed the basic maintenance of my little thriving community (had it networked all the way to DC for a couple years). I could just make a bunch of people admins and pay for it and they could do whatever they wanted.

chumbucket - 2012-01-26

Facebook? Ya kidding me? Facebook??

If non-facebook I might be willing to pitch in.

Jet Bin Fever - 2012-01-26

I don't have a facebook account. I quit three years ago. I will never go back. There must be another way!

EvilHomer - 2012-01-26

I've got a Facebook account under an assumed identity that I check maybe once every two or three months. My user pic is the contorted face of a hardhat-wearing 1980s German pornstar in mid-coitus. I'd be willing to join a Facebook group under such conditions.

I still think a full-scale poeWiki would be ideal, allowing us to combine all the best aspects of poes Red, News, and TV, all in one place, but a Facebook group would be a nice initial rallying point.

Sputum - 2012-01-26

Let's think about why the other sites failed but this one didn't.

PoeTV doesn't have a forum. It's just comments matched to videos. It's focused.

The community is emergent. Secondary. It's there enough to kind of get to know the regulars, but it's so subtle that you can't get into the drama that bad posters thrive on.

Cena_Mark might get into an argument in the comments of some video, but in a couple of days the whole thread will disappear off of the first page and all is forgotten.

Goddam I love this site...
Anyway, I don't think a big sprawling aimless wiki or a facebook group is the direction we want to go.

Old_Zircon - 2012-01-26

I'd join a Facebook group. Especially if it was called "ear mites." I'd rather it be something better (hell, PoeTV refugees would be one of the few things that would actually convince me to regularly use Mumblr or Tweeter or whatever the ADD kids like these days) but I have a facebook and I pretty much only use it to repost content from here and plan band practices as it is.

RocketBlender - 2012-01-26

Sputum's right. We've got our regular's here. Caminante's always great for a laugh, especially in anime videos, I'm here to bitch about video games and other nerds, and Cena.... well.... is Cena. I've got to admit though, I'd miss him if he left. The threads he starts are pretty awesome sometimes.

I like EvilHomer's idea about a wiki, but I'd suggest a steam group for a rallying point; I'd rather keep my life and poe seperate.

Old_Zircon - 2012-01-26

Also, seconding Evilhomer's comments about a Wiki, except for the implication that there was something good about News to begin with.

Oh yeah, the Seduction Community thread was good. Someone should archive that.

RocketBlender - 2012-01-26

Forgot to ask: is poetv in danger of closing? I thought forum infighting was the only reason poe news shut down.

Old_Zircon - 2012-01-26

Actually, yeah, Sputum's comment made me rethink the Wiki idea already.

Old_Zircon - 2012-01-26

Probably not, but better safe than sorry.

TeenerTot - 2012-01-26

Facebook sucks.

If this site shuts down, then so go any chances I have to seduce baleen.

This must not be.

Jet Bin Fever - 2012-01-26

Get in line sister.

baleen - 2012-01-26

Woah. I'm really going to do it with people.

StanleyPain - 2012-01-26

The reason why POEN went down was because of the userbase. The small few who assumed they could use it as their own personal shithole to do with what they pleased basically ruined it for everyone, then when they got called on it, opined with great authority that things would be better if only they were left in charge.
When given a chance to show if they were capable of maybe not being such socially broken people, they melted down in spectacular fashion and proved exactly what everyone else had been saying the whole time. (though please note that to them this constitutes a "victory")
POETV has, thus far, avoided this problem because the "cool kiddies" from POEN for some reason long ago decided this place wasn't cool enough for them to bother with wiping their feces all over, so it's been largely left alone by them. So, I doubt this end of the site is going anywhere. If it does, it's certainly not because of the users.

Aelric - 2012-01-26

Note, I was not saying we all go to facebook, I was saying there is already a Portal of Evil group on facebook, which can be used to post the location of a new site that one of the brains could make. I would never want to have this community corralled into a tiny spot on facebook itself.

FreeOJ - 2012-01-26

I am not opposed to a facebook group if the site kicks the can. But that doesn't seem to be in the cards.. at least right now

Binro the Heretic - 2012-01-26

Video response:


moral sex - 2012-01-26

Is there a POE IRC? If so, which network and what's the channel name?

baleen - 2012-01-26

You mean the CHAT CABAL?!! I'm sure they're still around somewhere. I can't remember the server.

StanleyPain - 2012-01-26

Someone should set up an IRC server that just automatically bans anyone who tries to connect to it. This would be a reasonably accurate re-creation of the POE IRC channel.

Ghoul - 2012-01-26

I really hope this site doesn't close. I've been on POE for 10 years now. I'll be left internet homeless.

Sputum - 2012-01-26

Is this site really going down? We should contact chet.

I have solid modern web development experience and a fair amount of free time. I think I could make a site at least as good as this one. Hell I got that stupid "query 2" error message when I tried to log on just now.

I'm sure some of you would be even more capable of this sort of thing, we should put a team together.

Jet Bin Fever - 2012-01-26

Yeah, I would hope they'd just pass over the reins to someone else instead of deleting the thing for whatever reasons, money, time etc. Surely we're generating SOME ad revenue that covers the costs, and it isn't like the site is development heavy either since its content is all user-driven.

Sputum - 2012-01-26

If he decides to just pass it on, I still think we should redesign it. This site is a little buggy, and it could be a little more modern.

Having the archives and not having to convince the old users to sign up at a new site would be fantastic though.

Jet Bin Fever - 2012-01-26

It would take baleen at least two weeks or so to completely dwarf us all in submissions if we all had to sign up again.

baleen - 2012-01-26

"A little buggy" is an understatement, this site is a rusted F250 on HTML's overgrown lawn.

I would be really upset if I lost all 1,500+ of my submissions. I have completely forgotten a lot of the stuff I've dug up here and there and sometimes like to come back to it...

As Sputum said, the greatest quality of poetv is that it's pretty drama free. The grievances various users have with one another are generally funny and usually only come up when people fuck with each other, it isn't gangrape camp a la poe-news forums...

And yes, the community is continually emergent. Even though people like me have been here a while I really do not give a shit.

Void 71 - 2012-01-26

Why did Chet abandon Portal of Evil? Didn't het get a job at Valve because those guys liked POE and Old Man Murray so much?

EvilHomer - 2012-01-26

Same reason why married women get fat and stop dressing sexy.

But mark my words. Someday, when Valve controls the world, and Chet's old and dying and sitting alone in his dark, drafty mansion, he'll reach out his hand towards a snowglobe, and whisper... "Portal of Evil".

deadpan - 2012-01-26

Now you got me imagining Joseph Cotten going around interviewing old POE Red exhibits, trying to figure out just what it all means.

baleen - 2012-01-26

Stars for you EvilHomer, that made me laugh.

EvilHomer - 2012-01-26

He'll never figure it out.

Bort - 2012-01-26

Five stars for each of you. I keep getting this image of the reporter looking at a furry Webcomic from the olden days, and attempting to get aroused, a very confused look on his face.

baleen - 2012-01-26

POE Red was becoming a legal hassle for him. Too many lawsuit threats + annoying and rude userbase + lack of revenue.

Why poe-news forums ended is kind of obvious.

Oscar Wildcat - 2012-01-26

Perhaps this Chet fellow should actually make an appearance here and tell us what he wants to keep the site going. I suspect nobody clicks on the ads, I know I don't. It's a shame if he can't see the value of this thing outside money, but I know enough guys like that to assume that's the default condition and act accordingly. So how about it, Chet?

Old_Zircon - 2012-01-26

I can sweeten the deal by offering a genuine, one-of-a-kind video of PoEcon 1 on VHS-C that I have never watched.

Incidentally, I forget who loaned it to me, but if you still post and read this, sorry I've had your VHS-C to VHS adaptor and PoEcon 1 tape for like a decade.

The Mothership - 2012-01-26

oh shit that needs to be posted stat. I was living in Scotland at the time, or I would have come.

In the meantime....


Old_Zircon - 2012-01-26

Oh shit, the secret stash! I was thinking I should probably make a video slideshow of that stuff soon.

My VCR broke recently and I haven't gotten a suitable replacement, so for the time being I can't digitize any VHS.

Old_Zircon - 2012-01-26

That URL you posted has literally the worst photos ever taken of me in my entire life, nohyperbole whatsoever. I forget why I ended up with those shorts and where exactly they came from but they were definitely bought on the way and were at least one size too big. Also, that was during the only year of my adult life I've been without a beard; it was a bad move, and growing it back and not coincidentally corresponded to my longest period of celibacy of that entire decade, which ended within two weeks of growing the beard back.


The Mothership - 2012-01-26

My favorite is of Hooper X with a pancake on his head, ala Oolong. This image should be on the front page of our new webzone.

baleen - 2012-01-26

I met Rishi and Frostilicus annnd... someone else I forget. They were nice guys. I do not wish to meet anyone else at this time or ever. But I do love you on the internet.

spikestoyiu - 2012-01-26

Holy shit, that's what you people look like??

Old_Zircon - 2012-01-26

I haven't seen or heard from Hooper X since '03 or so, and I consider myself worse for it.

I've got to say, TEDA getting drunk and summarizing his screenplay in progress (which he was writing entirely in his head) for a full hour at PoEcon 2 was probably my personal highlight, even though I can't remember anything he said.

Oh, and whoever it was that put on TEDA's codpiece with a ground-bloom-flower taped to it and lit it (JSP probably) - that actually worked its way into a conversation within the last week.

The more I think about it, the more impressed I am by how many noteworthy things happened at those things. Whenever I buy fireworks in Pennsylvania I remember that poor inflatable grandma sex doll.

Old_Zircon - 2012-01-26

spikestoyiu, that's what we looked like a decade ago. Most of the people there don't post anymore, though. I've had an entirely online job for the past 6 years, though, so I can't really avoid it.

Old_Zircon - 2012-01-26

I generally tried to keep internet and real life separate up until the past couple of years. The first two PoEcons were a rare exception.

Kabbage - 2012-01-26

Got here late to the party, after the forums went down. Kind of interested in Poecon. Is there like a group or something I can keep tabs on for this stuff?

spikestoyiu - 2012-01-26

Those clothes were very early 2000s.

memedumpster - 2016-11-06

I am from the year 2019!

I am so mad I can't get at that picture of OZ, it's all we have to remember him by since the invasion of '18.

Please send me a copy at UN Camp #782 C.O. Lieutenant Colonel EvilHomer.

sosage - 2012-01-26

Where am I going to archive Macho Man videos and pop culture references now? What will happen to the Tim and Eric wars?

sosage - 2012-01-27


sosage - 2012-01-27

That's weird and not me.

- 2012-01-26

Good thing I deleted all those pics from my experimental college years! Yes, dear reader, my name is Baleen and I used to be a homosexual.

pineapplejuicer - 2012-01-26

im feeling a little left out by all these poe-cons and facebook groups i was unaware of. are my ridiculous stories about almost killing m night shyamalan worth nothing to you people?!

i kid. but seriously, don't close the site. that would be such a shame. this is absolutely the best video website on the internet thanks to a community that works together to form a near impenetrable bullshit filter.

pineapplejuicer - 2012-01-26


kamlem - 2012-01-26

My favourite paraphrased tag.

Riskbreaker - 2012-01-26

The answer to this question is pretty damn clear:


The Mothership - 2012-01-26

there will be no more gang stalking, just lots of friendly gawking under the seaaaaaaaa!

Toenails - 2012-01-26

I know some of us also frequent VideoSift and r/videos, but I think others are a bit put off by websites with that large of a community.

What would it take to at least agree upon an emergency meeting place in case things ever go screwy?

Old_Zircon - 2012-01-26

Websites with that large a community are OK but very different from this place.

Old_Zircon - 2012-01-26

popscript.com has a PHP clone of Geocities for , I suggest that as a starting point and would be willing to contribute .

Louis Armstrong - 2012-01-26

Hell, I got the other . and some unopened birthday cards too. That will make it swanky!

I fucking love this site. POE-NEWS void has yet to be filled. I wonder what would happen to me if this site closed as well.

Things like: get a girlfriend, go to law school, jeoparize both when a I throw a shoe at George W. Bush when I can't go to this site and am suffering from withdrawal.......

Please POETV, live on!

Gojira1000 - 2012-01-26

Wiki. Someone for God's sake start one just in case.

Macho Nacho - 2012-01-28

Yes, please, someone start one.

Jack Dalton - 2012-01-26

I'm sure it is way too early to eulogize PoeTv, but since we are all reflecting on it, I figure I should throw in my PoE story. I came here because a friend sent me links to PoeTv about 4 years ago. I initially wasn't impressed with this site at all. The interface was counter intuitive and really dated. But I started checking it out... probably lurking for a good year or so until finally, in 2009, I started submitting videos and commenting. It's not hard for regulars and people who come here to understand why this place is so great. I never had much interest with poe-news, but it had its own value to other people, and I respected that.

For those of you who complain about bo-news, you have to admit it is rather impressive how that community came together so quickly. If PoeTv ever suffers a similar fate, I hope either (1) someone fills the void in a similar fashion or (2) Support sells it to someone among us who loves this place and wants it to continue onward-- and there are plenty of those people here.

poorwill - 2012-01-26

I am kind of a non-entity here but I like this place and the people who post here a lot and I think it does need a backup plan/unofficial forum or whatever.
I also like Chet, just in case that gets lost in the current nonsense.

themilkshark - 2012-01-26

Just keep going.

TheMarsTravolta - 2012-01-26

I found this place through another blog's recommendation. That blog (Wired's Table of Malcontents) was closing, and listed off sites to visit after it was gone. PoeTV was one of them:

http://www.wired.com/table_of_malcontents/2007/06/tom-recommen d-3/

I've never seen PoE Red, nor did I check PoE News. I didn't officially join til a year or two ago. I love this site - people are generally respectful, funny, and have a sense community that other sites have. Flame wars are rare, and the comments are actually entertaining and readable.

I hope it doesn't close soon, but when it does, sign me up for helping to build it's replacement.

TheMarsTravolta - 2012-01-26

other sites DON'T have. It'd be nice to have an "edit" button.

FreeOJ - 2012-01-26

I found out about this site through my friend catpenis45

spikestoyiu - 2012-01-26

Although I frequently find myself on the other end of popular opinion here, I still love this site and volunteer my services to make sure it doesn't go anywhere. Money, time, my chiseled body.

Anaxagoras - 2012-01-26

I don't remember how I found this place, but seeing this video & the comments are what convinced me to stay:


memedumpster - 2012-01-26

If poetv goes under, it will be because of the new generation of posters that sprung up right as I started posting here! Idiots like memedumpster driving off the cool people.

Also, Facebook, really? Why don't we just all go register Republican and meet at the conventions instead? More dignity in that.

I don't think we'll be in trouble here until Edgar Allen has to post 90% of the videos. We love forcing each other to watch crap too much to let that happen. I'd submit a Skrimp mod to keep this place open, with a multipart Tim & Eric.

I found this place when it was a new thing off poe red, and I lurked for a decade before I dared speak. I have often regretted speaking, but not enough to stop.

Adham Nu'man - 2012-01-27

You meant to post that from your other account, right Cena Mark?

support - 2012-01-26

This site is not closing.

We have been working on this site and fixing little issues. The site should be faster now because of some work from last night.


Now go make a playlist on 73Q. We wanted to do some cool stuff there once people made some.


In a few weeks we will make a post looking for feedback suggestions.

Bort - 2012-01-26

Comforting to know; thanks!

Feel free to delete my slightly paranoid sizing-up of a successor site.

kennydra - 2012-01-26


poorwill - 2012-01-26

Yay, thanks support!

FreeOJ - 2012-01-26


Spit Spingola - 2012-01-27


Aelric - 2012-01-27

You can't blame us for getting nervous, support. When two of the three branches of the old PoE network are shuttered, both older than PoETV, we get a little worried that our little net haven is going o disappear one day. Not trying to cause a stir, we'll all stay where we are until the bitter end, just trying to think of a backup plan to keep the band together in a worst case scenario.

chumbucket - 2012-01-27

damn, I already spent my stars like an eager prom date

Hooker - 2012-01-28

Would you consider adding some sort of basic forum to poeTV? As it stands, posting a dummy video or whatever that gets pushed down and finally off the page in 24 hours is not a terribly effective way of communicating with anyone.

flotsam - 2012-01-26

Please don't close, Poetv! I swear, I'll change. I'll start five starring cat videos and laughing at independent comedy submissions!

electricdepression - 2012-01-26

I'm glad this site's not closing. I got into portalofevil.com back around 2000 and I've been following along ever since. Although I almost never post any comments I've checked one of the sites several times per week. I remember when poenews.com got their domain stolen by some bullshit Chinese company and had to become poe-news.com. Crazy times. Glad PoeTV is going to stick around.

CuteLucca - 2012-01-27

I found portalofevil.com back in 2000 or 01 following a link from somewhere on fark.com. Not sure when I migrated to poetv but I've been coming here near daily for, it seems, at least six years. I would be sad if it were gone. I know you were all on tenterhooks waiting for my input, so there-- you can relax now.

Simillion - 2012-01-27

This video was AWESOME. Great post, ***** !!! !!111!!

Timothy A. Bear - 2012-01-27

Hard to shit up a thing when it's constantly moving on, which is why Poe-Tv is sort of immune.

Facebook is lame but if you want to stay in touch it works. It's easier to post paintings and cartoons there than on my blog.

Most sincerely,
Dan Lacey

SolRo - 2015-01-26

I am from the future, here to tell you this videos statement is mostly right

Jet Bin Fever - 2015-01-26

3 years later, still going!

Crab Mentality - 2018-01-26

Six years later and we're still here!

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