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Desc:Wubadubaduba zat true? AND POSE FOR THE FANS! Oh, you go big guy!
Category:Video Games
Tags:wrestling, WarioWare, Rhythm Heaven, rhythm game, pose for the fans
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Comment count is 23
It... it sounds WEIRD in English.
It speaks the international language of Camp.

Super weird in english.

Oddly enough, a lot of people on youtube predicted that applying the same rhythm to a English song and a Japanese song would sound weird.

Agent #1
I had never heard it before so I looked it up in Japanese and it sounds weird there. They're both just gibberish. What's the difference?

This scene was so much more poignant in the original Japanese.

In Japanese for the wubaduba part she says "Genki desu ka?" Which is like saying how are you. I'm not sure what "Otsumi tae" means but that's what the camera guys say. I'm just going to assume it means something similar to "Pose for the fans". It sounds better in Japanese because "Genki desu ka" is I guess easier to mix than whatever she could have said in English.

Oh and for the "Woah you go big guy" part she says "ne, sugoi desu ne" which is like "That's so cool" but I guess they couldn't come up with anything that had the right amount of syllables.

Not sure how I feel about this.

Did they change the rap sequences?

I think i might get this.
Aubrey McFate
Yeah, it's not the same in English, but they did well enough considering. I'm just glad we're getting a new Rhythm Heaven game. I might even dust off my Wii for this!
It's just not the same... There'd better be an option to play with the original voice track.
Looking forward to seeing a sweaty mexican wrestler in the next version of Smash Brothers.
Monty Cantsin
This team is genius.
But can it ALL be true?

Hugo Gorilla
It's pretty remarkable that they put Downtown Julie Brown in charge of the English translation.

I'm looking forward to this game's release more than I ever did for Skyward Sword or the last Metroid game with a bimbo-ized Samus.
Caminante Nocturno
You go, big guy!
spiteful crow
Oh god, how was I not aware of this getting an English release until now? I loved the DS version, it's good goofy fun.
Where are his nipples?

Funnier if you assume she's asking about people he's rumored to have slept with.
I realise this might not be the final product, but the original soundtrack has a funny pitching effect on the interviewer's voice, making it sound similar to a DJ scratching. That's what makes it stick to your ears.
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