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Desc:One of the worst games of all time, also, be sure to check this: http://tcrf.net/Ganso_Saiyuuki
Category:Video Games, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Famicom, Game Center CX, super monkey daibouken, kusoge
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Comment count is 15
Why is Finn riding a white horse?
pressed peanut sweepings
I'm not liking this Yume Nikki mod.
So it's a boring old videogame that is only noteworthy for a dirty limerick easter egg that doesn't even appear in this clip?
It's a mind-blowing trainwreck of a classical-period Nintendo game that's noteworthy for kicking Arino's ass over the course of a full season. Also, for being the absolute worst game in history.

I'll agree that just watching a video doesn't fully translate the disaster this game is, you really have to play a rom of it to grasp the ineptitude of the programmers. Then again, that easter egg might explain a bit why this game ended up this way.

Dr. Lobotomy
The Easter egg, I saw it mentioned elsewhere as well, just what was it?

the link in the description

THE legendary 'shit game'.
"Super Monkey Daibouken: more fun than Ultima: Exodus"
And yet somehow less fun than smashing your finger with a hammer then slowly peeling off your own black fingernail with a pair of pliers.

Or playing dentist with a bottle of whiskey and a dremel.

I kinda hated this game.

spiteful crow

The bottom of this page has a quick rundown of exactly how gloriously incompetent this game is, in case you're still wondering exactly what you're looking at here.
Jet Bin Fever
It's always fun when Japanese people co-opt Chinese culture.
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