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Desc:You have crystals!
Category:Religious, Humor
Tags:new age, Crystals, CDT crew, cdt
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Comment count is 17
Will they help me to sing on key? And what if I don't want to use a crystal as a dildo?
This is from the same guys who made "Turkey Cheese Fries".

Adham Nu'man
Manatee Dreams of Neptune
by Emerald Web

Published by Cosmic Hymen Aura Publishing

a Limited Liability Corporation

That huge crystal power blasted the one guy's hair clean off.
Here. You earned 'em.

It's shiny, natural, and I don't understand it, so it must be magic.
That guy
Why can't life be like this?
The Lord of Dirt
Needs a Street Hawk tag, since that's what pushes it to five stars.

Oscar Wildcat
That's pure crystalline cocaine hydrochloride; the power resides in you now!
The Mothership
Ursa.... hey, Ursa.

Work this in with Nyan cat somehow. I know I can trust you.
I can do a pretty rockin' digital shoegazer remix of this song.

The Mothership
This needs to happen.

The embarrassing sort of E-cred I got for that nyan-cat one isn't something I'm pushing for, really anymore, since I'm a 30 year old goddamned grown-ass man - but I fucking love CDTcrew, so maybe I will.

I do get like - every time I use a hyphen - so, I'll keep that up.

As ridiculous as this is, my inner rock-hound is lusting something powerful for that huge chunk of quartz the bald guy's holding.
I wish I had crystals.
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