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Desc:Worf almost gets down on the bridge with a Klingon vixen.
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:star trek, Klingons, TNG, Worf
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Comment count is 18
Worf almost gets beaten again...at sex...can he do anything right?
There was an episode where Worf goes to a bladefighting tournament and wins the championship. Then on the way home, he disturbs some kind of space/time anomaly which causes history itself to be rewritten. At first, the primary difference in this new timeline is that Worf lost the tournament.

The universe abhors a Word failure vacuum.

Goddammit, that should have said "WORF failure vacuum."

That's the most beautifully ironic typo I've ever made, though. Today's been a good day!

Void 71
Worf was the godfather of TFL.
I honestly never realized how terrible the Worf character was until I saw videos of nothing but Worf.

Apparently I am a part of the unthinking masses sometimes. How depressing.
Yeah, this shit sucks. Kinda sad to see this place going the POEN route, but children have to be little children. I think I'm done with this place for a little while...maybe in a week or two people will grow the fuck up a little.

Don't worry we'll be back to TFL and cat videos soon enough.

Jet Bin Fever
Right now two people are acting this scene out in foam costumes with no pants on.
Oh good!

This is sadly true.

Foam costumes? I would never dip that low.

Make that three.

I'm from a small hick town, and a few summers ago I stayed there for a few months and would frequent the local bar. I understand Worf completely.
Syd Midnight
I always thought of Worf as the Klingon version of some weird otherkin who was homeschooled by a crazy hippy mom, who was always getting teased and beat up by other Klingons, so this is like the Klingon equivalent of a hot chick publicly flirting with some socially awkward nerd so he blushes and gets all flustered.

Q tried that on Riker once. That trick don't work on Riker.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Computer, erase seasons 1 and 2 of Star Trek: The Next Generation from memory, authorization Picard Omicron-Omicron-Alpha-Yellow-Daystar-2-7.

Computer, countermand that order. Erase ever season but seasons 1 and 2 of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The Mothership
Stars for everybody here.

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