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Desc:Stay tuned for further updates.
Category:Educational, Arts
Tags:poetv, baleen, perrot, king ping meh, body noises
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Comment count is 8
I have no idea why it is inserting an extra comma in the search tags or if there's some new tag parsing feature... Anyway...

I am currently in the process of putting up a lot of my own videos and some of my favorite things that I've brought here that have been long forgotten.

I'd like to have an open blog to this end. It would be nice if it could be user-run.

I am not trying to hurt you poetv. Please don't suspend me again mr. support.
Try hitting "edit entry", touch nothing and then hit the submit. That typically fixes my tags.

I found it was doing the comma thing when my tags were too long or featured a particularly long inactive tag

The submit thing fixed it, thanks!

Oscar Wildcat
Hi Baleen. It's a remarkable fact that people's paranoia and greed often cause them to act in ways that bring about the exact conditions they wish to avoid. Why don't you post a link before you get zapped again.

Oscar Wildcat
BTW, just to be clear, I ain't talkin' about you...

Jet Bin Fever
This really brightened my day. So glad you're back.
5 stars for the baleen blog idea, although I've always kind of thought of his submissions as a log of one man's attempt to communicate life's observations through mostly rare and interesting YT videos.
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