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Desc:No money for a computer mic? Just annotate the hell out of it! (Keep the annotations on, DUH!)
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Humor
Tags:Brazil, train wreck, annotations, Ratatoing, Vídeo Brinquedo
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Prickly Pete
Is this a thing? I like it. Like Mystery Science Theater if everyone were talking over eachother but you could still make out all the jokes.
I like this.
Nice, I can get behind this trend.
Jet Bin Fever
Attention Deficit Theater presents...
pop-up video :(
How the hell did they find some decent mouse art for the walls, yet every character model looks fucking atrocious?
"Hey, starving concept artist! Get over here!"
"Okay, but I can't stop mopping the bathrooms for more than three minutes or my boss makes me use my hair for a scrub brush."
"Can you draw some cartoon mice? We're making a movie and we'd like some characters to animate, chop-chop."
"Will I get paid?"
"It's for a movie, kid. You'll get a percentage of the net, right after catering and the three call girls that will be servicing me throughout the production."
"Will you pay for my art supplies?"
"What do I look like, an ATM? We could find a hundred other artists to do this, but I thought you wanted a shot at the big time."
"Okay, okay. I'll have them for you after I scrub the building's septic tank."
"Before. We've got a schedule to keep."
"I guess I could--"
"And write up a script while you're at it. Here. Use this Pixar film as a go-by."
"I wish I weren't religious and I could commit suicide without fear of damnation."
"That was your best job qualification. Now hop to it."

SPK, that is exactly what making a movie in Kentucky is like.

Innocent Bystander
Absolutely Nothing Happens - The Animated Feature Film.
It's great that this is on YT as I've always wanted to see one of these weird South American Pixar knock-offs (or wherever they come from), but for the love of all things ever, turn off the annotations. Some people can riff a movie and some people can't. Then some people fail at it in ways mankind has yet witnessed.
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