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Desc:On October 20, 2008, MillerCoors LLC announced that it had discontinued production of Zima.
Category:Advertisements, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:90s, 1990s, nineties, zima, Im a 90s kinda guy
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The Mothership
Being 32 now, I was at that awkward age in the mid 90s where I KNEW I wanted a Zima, yet could not get one. I have never tasted it, yet I also worked in the drinks industry (scotch whisky) for 7 years. Which POETVster is gonna hook The Mothership up with their secret Zima stash?
The Mothership
oh and stars.

Just put some gin in a two liter of flat Sprite and you've got Zima.

I used to buy it because beer basically sucked back then.

It wasn't bad. Or at least that's what I thought the last time I tried one, which was probably twenty years ago or so.

My dad, who was the rather frightening head of a very prominent criminal biker gang on the East Coast, loved these things. He had claimed that he had a terrible ulcer and that Zima was the only alcoholic beverage he could drink that wouldn't aggravate it. That excuse makes zero-to-little sense, but nobody ever said anything.

I'm 26 and I know a Zima guy, but you have to promise to put out. "Would you put out for a Zima?" is now (TM) by Mr.THA SUGAH RAIN.

Jet Bin Fever
I think the time is right, with so many other atrocious beverages on the market (IE: Bud Light Lime), to bring back another atrocious one that hipsters would buy to be ironic.

Jet Bin Fever
sign me up for that shit TSR

Jet Bin... you don't like Blimeys!?

The Townleybomb
This also needs the tags "nineties", "1990s" and "ninteen-nineties", because damn the only thing more 90s than Zima is Monica Lewinsky drinking an OK Cola.

The clear beverage craze gave us all a reason to live.
Its sophisticated.

zophisticated, you mean.

never had it, but doubt it was as good as crystal Pepsi.
That guy
Catpeniz you are almost az cool az that zpokezman.
Meatsack Jones
All I remember of Zima was the obvious product placement in Babylon 5 with Zima wall hangings in every bar on the station.
Zima, providing joke fodder for many tedious stand-up comedy hacks for an ultra-brief period during the 1990s.
Zima : for people under 21 who can't somehow get Mad Dog.
The Mothership
Aw Mad Dog, I remember that swill. 'Bold yet Smooth' was the jingle.

Robin Kestrel
I must have missed that brief fashion craze where guys dressed like they just came from A Clockwork Orange convention.

Also, obligatory Simpsons quote:

"Excuse me, I ordered a Zima, not emphysema!"
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