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Desc:correctly though, don't give him the wrong thing
Category:Video Games, General Station
Tags:food, cartoon, feeding, bad camera
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Comment count is 13
I can only assume by this video that the talking pumpkins conquered the talking potatoes and now use the fried remains of their fallen enemies for some kind of ritualistic meal to consume their souls.
Pumpkins are vegan, dude.
Doesn't that pumpkin know they cook the chicken nuggets in the same oil as those fries?

Innocent Bystander
Manners, pumpkin, ever heard of them?
It's kind of disturbing how much effort they put into the pumpkin's face and voice, while no attention was payed into anything else.
The Mothership
This looks like the sort of grammar film that 2nd grade teachers put on when they need a smoke break, not paying attention to the pathos evoked and mixed messages that they send.
Jet Bin Fever
Pumpkins are huge assholes.
The oddest things make me laugh these days.
This sent me overboard.

pressed peanut sweepings
Until it talked, I thought its nose was its mouth.
Pumpkin knows that 90% of the nutrition is in the french fry package.
I've watched this about fifteen times and just noticed that he LOOKED BOTH WAYS before crossing the street.
Pope Caius
Trust me, they're all like this. If they want to live in our country and eat in our diners, they better act like goddamn people. But when my buddies and I camp outside the pumpkin patch with our rifles just to make sure they don't sneak over the fence, the liberals say we're a hate group.
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