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Desc:A Baby Victor Production
Tags:G.I. Joe, song parody, Gangstalking, thetruthisoutthere32
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Jet Bin Fever
I was looking for a fun video to introduce my friends to Gangstalking. I think this is it.
Oscar Wildcat
This thing should be in the Whitney Biennial.

The terrible vocal mic makes this the best crazyperson theme ever.
I had a GI perp one time but the doctor told me just to lay off on the creamed chipped beef.
Oscar Wildcat
I like the cut of this man's jib.
Corpus Delectable
I wonder if there actually is an organization dedicated to "destroy[ing] human freedom?"

I mean, other than the Republican Party.
Now it all makes sense. The gangstalking is designed to inspire its victims into attempts at parody singing that's so utterly awful, it'll destroy the internet.

Wonko the Sane
Well, I'm convinced.
We're so vain, I bet we think this song is about us.
"He always gives up, he's an incompetent boob"
Then why are you sweating him so much.
In fantasyland, you're always the virtuous hero and everyone else is a craven mook.

That's the central awesome paradox of this sort of mental illness. They're convinced nearly the entire weight of humanity is flexing their near-limitless muscle to thwart them, but they're also convinced that they're somehow superhuman in their ability to defeat their attempts.

Probably the most self-empowering delusion out there when they're this sort.

One of the top-voted comments pretty much illustrates the whole self-delusion and hero-complex pretty nicely. Someone posted, "Wow, looks like I found the paranoid schizophrenic part of youtube again," to which our subject replied:

"G.I. Perp is Theeeereee! G.I. Perp is just pissed because this amateur tactician is showing them up and happens to be running psy-ops right back at them. You sound tired and your one liners have become too predictable and only validate what government targets have been saying. You might want to stick to perp credo and hang it up already. You're not cut out for your line of work. You suck and should be snapping together parts in a factory and not trying to hold down your betters, Lilliputian."

There's a psych major thesis somewhere in all of this.

Given the abnormally higher than statistical average number of red cars in this video, I think we are the ones being gangstalked.
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