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Desc:'These are merely the highlights of a two day feeding binge by Milo.'
Category:Pets & Animals
Tags:cat, CATegory, automatic feeder, hunger games
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Comment count is 21
Bam! Bam! Bam! Fights with black cat trying to impose some restraint. Bam! Bam!
Xenagama Warrior Princess
Threatening to set up an intervention.

pressed peanut sweepings
I had a cat named Milo. He was an awesome cat. I miss that cat. These cats are cool too.
That guy
I also like cats. Cats can be funny. My friend had a cat. She named it Socks.

My cat's name is fuck you guys.

These are for :20

"Oh well guess I'll just walk away casually and ... ATTACK AGAIN!"
Naw, 0:24 to 0:33 gets the stars.

Jet Bin Fever
I love cat boxing.
This was 4 stars until the other cat appeared.
for hunger games tag

Binro the Heretic
They react to vending machines just like we do!
Were the plates on the floor some kind of kitty obstacle course?
Its possible the owner had to deal with this before so placed the plates there to discourage this activity. Nice try.

The sound alone makes this.
The Mothership
kitty funny.
Run + mrow = adorable.
'hunger games' tag. Oh Catniss, will you ever win?
Caminante Nocturno
That particular noise cats make when they're doing things like this.
Robin Kestrel
Wonder if he's doing that to knock more food down into the bowl, or if he just likes attacking it.
Oscar Wildcat
The endpoint to this game is reached when he finally breaks open the pinata and it's Coronas and blowjobs for everyone.

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