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SteamPoweredKleenex - 2012-05-14

Dammit, all of these idiots merging their delusions is killing satire. I can remember a day when this was funny because it was, by nearly any measure, so outlandish as to be nothing but a humorous concept:

Bart: So finally, we're all in agreement about what's going on with
the adults. Milhouse?
Milhouse: Ahem. OK, here's what we've got: the
Rand Corporation, in conjunction with the saucer people --
Bart: Thank you.
Milhouse: under the supervision of the reverse vampires --
Lisa: [sighs]
Milhouse: are forcing our parents to go to bed early in a fiendish
plot to eliminate the meal of dinner. We're
through the looking glass, here, people...

dementomstie - 2012-05-14

These mostly make me realize that people look a lot alike.

HAHAHAHAHA! The Taft clone at 3:14 is possibly the best thing ever.
At 3:42, is that just two pictures of Johnny Depp? Or is that River Pheonix or another contemporary of Depp?

garcet71283 - 2012-05-14

Some of these are kinda grasping for a connection, especially comparing hollywood actors to each other since hollywood tends to prefer certain looks anyways.

That being said, I would love to see someone make a movie that runs with the concept that every famous person is in fact a immortal of some sort.

Jet Bin Fever - 2012-05-14

This is a swirling maelstrom of crazy. And yes, the Taft picture is, damn.

tenten - 2012-05-14

Yep. Denis Leary is definitely a reincarnated Willem DaFoe.

lordyam - 2012-05-15

1:10 no worries, i cant remember his name either

garcet71283 - 2012-05-15

I always just call him the Kid from 3rd Rock from the Sun.

Or Cobra Commander.

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