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Desc:totally unscripted
Category:Classic Movies
Tags:ghostrider, ghost rider, nic cage, ghost writer, CAGE RAGE
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Comment count is 10
This is one of his zen days.
Caminante Nocturno
I really want to see him do this without all of the special effects.
My friend and I are convinced that in this scene and the one immediately before, Cage was either hopped up on K or had been given a dozen laxatives and was told to "see how long he could make it"
That's not CGI. That's his real face.
big pincers
they paid someone exactly how much for this cheesy CG?
Fantastic 4, Ghost Rider, Green Lantern

Sequels no one asked for.
Nobody asked for the originals, either.

Hollywood hates us.

There's blindly making an original that nobody's interested in, and then there's insisting on making a sequel after an underperforming original.

Whenever the latter happens, I always picture the CEO from Network insisting that Howard Beale be kept on the air.

What pisses me off is that they'll keep spending money to "reboot" shit that everyone in the world already fucking knows the origins for (Hulk, Spider Man, etc.) but one of the best comic book characters that could be a movie, Ghost Rider, is fucked up in the most spectacular way imaginable, and instead of fixing it, they make a sequel that is somehow ever WORSE than the original.

Yeah, what is with all the reboots?
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