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Desc:He bet against finding the Higgs Boson. Good job, CERN. Way to kick a cripple dude.
Category:Science & Technology, Religious
Tags:stephen hawking, higgs boson, god particle, suck it atheists
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Auto five for Stephen Hawking.
Come on, they didn't really find the Higgs boson, the scientists are only 99.9999 percent sure.

This is why science is always inferior to religion. Jesus slingers are always 100 percent certain no matter how much evidence they have.
What's ironic is that Peter Higgs is an atheist and hates the term "the God particle" primarily for the obvious reason, but also because it inflates the particle's actual importance.
would prefer the goddamn particle like he intended

The Mothership
He's looking older and poorer; but that was a cheeky smile at the end, he's still going strong.
Hmm...second time I can remember.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thorne%E2%80%93Hawking%E2%80%93Pr eskill_bet
Syd Midnight
The Hawkman is slick, he bets against the outcome he wants. So if he's right he impresses everyone for a mere 0, if he's wrong he gets a year of top-shelf tits & ass.

It is a big deal to me that they found this thing.

Also, now that we know it exists, it no longer qualifies as a God particle. Now dark matter can be the new God particle.
Funny you mention that
http://www.space.com/16412-dark-matter-filament-gal axy-clusters.html

i want to give you hugs and this man biscuits. sweet potatoe biscuits home made in the hug factory of unicorns

Syd Midnight
It's no longer the God Particle. Now it's just a god particle.

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