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Desc:You thought this was just some harmless cartoon show? Wake up, SHEEPLE
Category:Cartoons & Animation
Tags:Disney, Illuminati, symbolism, Gravity Falls
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Comment count is 10
I find it humorous that those who see sexual images everywhere credit a conspiracy rather than the fact that their brains are hypersexualized.

The produce section in every grocery store must be an Illuminati front. It has penises, vaginas, and price tags... which are covered in NUMBERS!
Wait, what is the vaginafruit? Is it cantaloupe?

Caminante Nocturno
Your local florist is just packed to the gills with vaginas.

Caminante Nocturno
If all of this Illuminati symbolism is so important, then why didn't he go the extra mile of downloading the actual episode instead of just pointing a camera at a TV?
Download, watch, make the video, and repeat. They consume far more "illuminati" media than the average person.

The camera movement started making me seasick by the end of the video.

The funny thing is that Gravity Falls is, in fact, packed full of references to the occult and the supernatural (including its own made-up coded language) but that's because the people behind it actual give a crap about the show and pack in all these details for fun.
He may have a point with the penis-lamp. I'm just not sure how this reflects the Illuminati, rather than immature animators.
Can you imagine the illuminati halls, filled with crude drawings of phalic objects everywhere? Members laughing in corners while some angry guy is cleaning a "captain dongman" picture in the wall.

big pincers
I was hoping he would get around to discussing green apple symbolisms
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