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Category:Crime, Arts
Tags:bikes, drugs, krispy kreme, Money Maker Mike
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Comment count is 15
My favorite part is that the magazine cut-out, untraceable ransom note that is still signed "James".
As Krispy Kreme said in Best Friends, "James is a dumb jerk."

The Mothership
Money Maker Mike has had a-fucking-nuff!

Also, he's in this! Towards the end!
big pincers
I believe of krispy kreme
James Woods
'Merka's Karl Pilkington.
i won't put any stars on this, but i'm starting to think this guy is very self aware of what he's doing.

Modern Angel
MY GOD you may be right! Thank goodness you're on the case!

i'm going to put some stars on this, but I'm starting to think schwaeg87 is very self-unaware of what he's doing.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Slick production with a closing camera shot.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Errr crane shot

I dunno, I saw that and said "iphone AR drone" but jesus, if they rigged a crane for all that i guess all i can say is kudos?

actually it looks more like a crude winch or pully... yeah either way it's rad

I like the scene transition that starts at around 0:38.

this is made even better because i am personally related to a punk ass little brother named james
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