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Desc:Frogs croak. Birds have bright colors. Deer have antlers. Then there's this.
Category:Pets & Animals, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:camel, pickup lines, omg its so gross, mating strategy, evidence of design by committee
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Comment count is 10
Whatever works.
this same display generally works for frat boys at Jersey shore nightclubs
that's the roof of his mouth, inflated into a sack called a doula
Dread Pirate Roberts
My god, thank you for posting that. Made the video SO much more bearable.

So this is where the term "camel spit" comes from.

Explain that, Evolution. ...OTOH, explain that, Intelligent Design.
OMG soooo gross u guys
Joe camel should really quit those cigs.
Simian Pride
Such a majestic beast
Douse it with gas, drop a match, then shoot it or shoot it first & then immolate?
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