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Desc:No, really. This is not the Onion.
Category:Arts, News & Politics
Tags:Rastafarian, Snoop Dogg, bob marley, raggae, real or onion?
Submitted:The Mothership
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Comment count is 21
Snoop Dogg was born 10 years prior to Bob Marley's death.

So Bob Marley's soul must have had a time machine.

Either that or Snoop Dogg is just way too high right now.
Not that his fans even know who Bob Marley was.
He's the guy on that poster in all their rooms who wrote 'Don't Worry Be Happy' or whatever.

But if he's a lion, then the Snoopy reference he takes his name from makes no sense!

Goddammit Charlie Brown did not have a pet lion! This is an outrage!
Hay Belly
Makes his cats happy and that's what's important.

I wonder what Eazy E would think of this
Hip hop is truly dead when Snoop Doggy Dogg no longer wants to work in it.

i pronounce it snooplion
Rodents of Unusual Size
Like a ganglion, only more intrusive.

hahaha he uses autotune in his music to sing

fuck off snoop
yeah and reggae isn't about using computers to enhance music


More power to him. I don't get the Internet back lashing on the concept. He is in a rare place where he has the cash and freedom to do what he wants. I see someone lucky as hell to be in a position to experiment and explore reinventing himself as an artist.

Whether that produces quality is another matter.
Meow Meow Meow Kitty Yo Kitty Yay!

The Mothership
indeed, nice; I gotta 5 star this.

Stop! Stop! Stop! This is not The Onion! This is NOT The Onion! Read! Read the description!
Boomer The Dog
I knew it, just like a Furry, always changing their character's name.

Right, go for being the king of beasts, more Dog for me then, bow wow.
Ah, the last piece of my childhood, destroyed.
Marijuana: the funniest drug.
All I'm getting is 2 hours of dub with his twitter channel and new logo.
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