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Category:Educational, Classic TV Clips
Tags:Love, star trek, charlie brooker, romantic comedy, ladder theory
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Comment count is 19
conclusion? I think this guy is great and all but is he going to do "how medieval love songs ruined your life" and "how erotic cave paintings ruined your life"
Oscar Wildcat
Sort of seems like he's barking up the wrong tree. TV ruins your love life the same way it ruins every other aspect of life; by conditioning you to be a passive consumer of experience rather than an active participant.

right, and there is no conclusion... TFL Charlie

This entire series is horrible, it's just BIOTRUTHS and petulant high school-level jabs

Eroticus E
You misspelled "fantastic."

You guys are funny.

This episode and the one before it are fantastic, the others I've seen are good but not as good.

Caminante Nocturno
The episode about fear is a must-watch for everyone.

I really agreed with what he had to say in that one but I didn't think it was as well put together as some of the others.

Oh, Charlie. You lovable stump.
Pure love.
Even if you have to break up, why do that to your partner?

At the end, they could have played "Good Enough for Now" by Weird Al.
Yeah, that was exactly what I thought (re: Weird Al). I don't know what that junk they were playing was, but they really dropped the ball on that one.

That guy
Yeah, that song at the end is crap, so only 5 stars.

so is the entire news show dating premise, so only 3 stars

All of the skits like that should have been left out, they're by far the biggest problem with the whole series.

I beg to differ. David Mitchell going on a "journey of knowledge" documentary to learn all he can about rave culture is one of the greatest concepts in history.

I missed that one! David Mitchell can pretty much do no wrong.

I'm guessing unrealistic portrayals of love precede TV.
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